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Our automatic photo enhancements and color corrections not only make your customers’ photos look their best, they reduce your editing time, streamline your operations, and free you to focus on more productive tasks. For example, Nations Photo Lab had a 98% reduction in editing time after the implementation of Perfectly Clear.

“On an average school day shoot (400 students), this could take approximately 45 minutes. Then we would have to test the job, and “tweak” from there. Now, using our own defined Perfectly Clear presets, we can process that same job in about 20 minutes, and we do not need to test!” — Bill Strain, Geskus Photography

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Increase revenue

It’s no secret that people like photos that they look their best in. In the case of Norweigan Cruise Lines, they were able to increase photo sales by 12% after using Perfectly Clear on their boats. 

“When I look at our sales data for our portrait business, the summer period from one year to the next, the volume of sales increased about 12% [since implementation].” — Cameron Lee, Norwegian Cruise Lines

“Without Perfectly Clear, customers are often discouraged by the poor quality of the photo and decide not to print. When Perfectly Clear is applied, the quality of their pictures have improved, and when the customer sees this upfront they want to order more.” — Jacek Bator, River. Poland & UK

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Reduce Costs

Perfectly Clear also saves money for some of the top labs in the world by reducing costly re-prints and increasing customer satisfaction. 

“Our [print] returns have diminished between 60% to 75%, and I feel that we still have room for more positive outcome in the near future.” — Bruno Condemi, Les Pros de la Photo

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Improve photo quality and consistency with Perfectly Clear


As a business, you have a reputation to uphold. You can trust Perfectly Clear to give you the best possible photo quality every time. 

“Maintaining the Fotoprix quality guarantee is a major goal for the Company. Perfectly Clear has enabled us to offer more consistent quality across a wide portfolio of customers and products without the need for manual editing.” — Robert González, FOTOPRIX, Spain

“We required an automatic correction that would provide consistent results across both HP Indigos and Fuji silver halide printers… and could seamlessly be implemented in this workflow. Perfectly Clear proved to be the right solution for the challenge” — PhotoCreate, Australia

Delighting your customers with Perfectly Clear


Wow your customers with outstanding automatic photo enhancement, great corrections, and creative effects. In a study that we conducted, it was found that 96% of the participants preferred the enhanced photo over the original. 

“Photos that look their best increase the chance of orders and re-orders. Plus, increased photo choice often means increased volumes (Perfectly Clear can rescue memories). And happy customers with beautiful photo gifts means more repeat business!” — Taopix, UK

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Stand out against the rest. Give your product a competitive advantage with Perfectly Clear


Our photo enhancement technology is in cell phones, photo kiosks, dating sites, and so much more. We have been perfecting our automatic photo enhancement technology for almost 20 years, so take advantage of it! 

“We choose to use Perfectly Clear for 2 reasons: 1) image quality: We spent considerable time comparing the corrections of Perfectly Clear to other solutions on the market, and we decided on the excellent quality of Perfectly Clear. 2) Support. EyeQ has been very responsive and fast to support us in our operations and also to continually invent new ideas for our Japanese market.” — Hideyuki Ohnishi, Operations Manager, Japan

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