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We are reimagining the way you process, enhance, and auto correct photos & videos through our imaging solutions and technology

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Perfectly Clear is the core technology in our imaging solutions. We’re focused on continuously updating and innovating to make sure we remain the world leaders in Intelligent Image Correction. We do much more than auto correct photos & videos, and we are sure your workflow will improve drastically after implementation.

EyeQ Imaging Inc,, previously known as Athentech, is our innovative digital imaging company focused on evolving the way businesses correct and process batch imagery. How did we get EyeQ?

IQ = Image Quality
IQ = Intelligence Quotient
EYE = Human Perception (and our corrections are accurate)
PHOTOS = Well, we’re sure you can guess that!

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Brad Malcolm

Co-founder, President & CEO

“Building time saving technologies that provide freedom”

With an insatiable curiosity and unrelenting desire to solve problems, Brad left his roots in corporate tax accounting at Ernst & Young in 2001 to follow his passion. He helped found technology startup, Athentech, to tackle and solve the problem of image correction at scale.

For the last 15 years, Brad was the President of Athentech, creators of Perfectly Clear, negotiating millions of dollars in deals and international partnerships with many of the largest companies in the photography and mobile phone space. He has built a profitable organization which is recognized as the world leader in the imaging market.

He led the acquisition of and rebranding of Athentech in 2019 by EyeQ Imaging to support the evolution of the company, and help take EyeQ (formerly Athentech) to new heights, where he continues the role as President and CEO. To date, EyeQ’s Perfectly Clear technology is used to automatically correct over 11 billion photos per year. Brad believes that great organizations are enabled by continuing to support and nurture innovators and game changers. Brad loves building companies and working with smart, innovative, and passionate people, including brilliant physicists, engineers, mathematicians, and creative artists.

Deciding many years ago that sleep is overrated - Brad balances the demands of guiding a successful company with the joys of experiencing the world through the eyes of his 8-year old daughter and creating new memories with his wife and family. Brad will never say ‘no’ to sailing or a fine single-malt scotch, preferably enjoyed together. 🙂

Cam's Colour Non Fiction_PerfectlyClear

Cam MacNaughton

Board of Director Member

Cam is a senior business executive with 25+ years of driving growth in both public and private companies and is recognized as a strategic and tactical planner. His experience in Banking, Finance and Technology has provided him with a diverse and deep expertise in analyzing growth markets, building competitive business development programs, and structuring complex capital and debt solutions. Cam still plays hockey, backpacks overnight and enjoys biking as much as possible. He is also CFO and Corporate Development Officer at Galatea Technologies, a Calgary based software company.  



Professional Guide Dog

Pixel just joined EyeQ in 2017 and has continued his journey with EyeQ after the acquisition. With your help, we were able to raise enough money to help raise a service dog with Southeastern Guide dogs! Pixel is still with her volunteer puppy raiser, and they are continuing to work on basic obedience and house manners. She has graduated “high school” and is now in “college!” Pixel loves taking long walks, jumping in the pool, treats, and car rides.

Calgary office hound 2(web)


Office Manager

It's safe to say that Sarah is the princess of the home office! Sarah loves it when her owner, Brad, works from home. That way, she gets extra treats!


Jeff Stephens

Co-founder, Chief Technology Officer

Jeff has been in product development and technology since graduating from the University of Texas at Austin with a Mechanical Engineering degree. He started in hardware development for Dell, Inc, but always was interested in software and web development as well. He spent a couple years in the San Francisco Bay Area in the enterprise SaaS field, but has spent most of his professional career in Austin. Jeff has been an avid photographer since elementary school and re-kindled this hobby in 2004 with his first dSLR and then later merged his photographic and software interested when he joined Bibble Labs, developing the world’s fastest RAW file converter and workflow applications. Jeff spends as much time as possible fly-fishing on the Texas coast or riding motorcycles around the western US.


Anton Maslov

Physicist, Lead Application Developer, “Mad”, er, Happy Scientist

After obtaining his university degree in Physics and Mathematics, Anton worked for few years as an academic researcher, specializing in nonlinear optics and laser physics. During this period, Anton first appreciated the power and beauty of computer modeling for solving complex scientific and engineering problems, then decided to pursue his career in software development. For over 15 years, Anton has been working as a developer, project manager, and a leader of large-scale development projects ranging from core imaging technology to consumer photography applications. He has developed expertise in most major programming languages and platforms, as well as a variety of modern image processing techniques and algorithms. Anton enjoys skiing, hiking, camping and spending time with his family in a river cottage he is building with his own hands.


Andrey Gordiychuk

Product Quality Wizard

An Optical and Electronic Engineering graduate, he began his professional career with the development of astronomical image processing algorithms and brings more than 25 years of technical experience in image processing to EyeQ. Andrey is a long-term member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Association, and was part of the Athentech team before the EyeQ acquisition. In his prior role, he was directly involved in, and managed the technical analytics, development and quality assurance of image processing technologies and end–user products published worldwide since 1991. In his spare time, Andrey enjoys walking, hiking, jogging, reading, swimming, and traveling to different places around the world.

Sarah Lefebvre

Sarah Lefebvre

Director of Marketing & Communication

Originally from Connecticut and now residing in South Carolina, Sarah is a digital marketer specializing in social media, content creation and optimization, email marketing, SEO, and advertising. Sarah has been reading and writing in her spare time ever since she could remember, and now gets to translate that into her everyday work. In her spare time, Sarah enjoys traveling, hiking, reading, relaxing on the beach, and trying out new restaurants.

Haley Wolfinger

Haley Wolfinger

Director of Product & Sales

Haley has a passion for building processes, creating products, and leading a team. As a world traveler, she is inspired by her surroundings. After graduating from Chapel Hill, she taught English in Thailand and became a certified yoga teacher before moving on to marketing. In her spare time, she loves going to the beach, being active, and trying out new restaurants.



Director of Walks & Pets

Maui shares Haley's home office. She loves to be pet and to play, but she is content to just be around Haley while she works.


Edith Liu

Consultant, China

Edith has been deeply involved in the photo imaging industry for over 20 years, and with Photo Imaging News - Asia Edition (PIN-AE) since it was established in 2001. She has helped grow the magazine into the most prestigious industry journal in China, as well as founding the first nationwide Photofinishers Association in China. She also oversaw PIN-AE's extensive domestic market research activities. Before joining PIN-AE, she worked for many years in international trading, and in the hospitality and security industries. She hold a Bachelor Degree of Economics.


Vasily Loginov

AI Specialist

obtaining his PhD in physics and mathematics, he worked for three years in a state research center and specialized in quality assessment of satellite images observed through a turbulent atmosphere. After that, he decided to pursue his career in private software development companies. In his spare time, Vasily enjoys spending time with his family. He regularly assists his youngest daughter in acrobatics training! He also enjoys reading books on philosophy and listening lectures of famous scientists.


Artem Bestsenny

Data Set Engineer

Artem studied aeronautical instrumentation at university, but decided to get into photography his senior year. He liked photography so much that he decided to become a professional photographer! He graduated with a master's degree in aviation engineering and technology, but his love for photography continued. He officially began working in photography in 2011 where he worked as a senior photographer in a photography studio, a nightclub, and as a freelance photographer. He specializes in individual photography of portraits and nude, stock photography, and retouching of photos. This has helped him work with editing and color corrections on a large number of photos. In his spare time, Artem enjoys functional training and crossfit, video games, and continuing to photograph. He is a big specialty-coffee fan and loves exploring alternative ways to make coffee.


Alina Rudovskaya

Image Quality Lead

Alina was born in a small town, Tula, living several years near the Black Sea before moving to Moscow. She has more than 10 years of experience in photography, and it has been her passion her entire life. She has shot weddings, families, newborns, fashion, food, and more. Eventually, this brought her to her career as a Data Set Engineer and then an Image Quality Specialist. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her children and husband. They inspire her every day! She also enjoys travel, cross stitching, and fantasy books.


Aibek Dzhakipov

iOS Developer

Aibek has been developing iOS applications for more than six year. He loves dancing bachata and salsa! In his spare time, you can find him hiking the mountains of Kyrgyzstan.

Mikhail Sysoev

Mikhail Sysoev

Project Manager

Mikhail is originally from Dnepropetrovsk where he got a bachelor degree in system and network software development. After moving to Moscow in 2010, he has worked at the intersection of technical and artistic projects. He has managed many projects including software development, design, animation, and video production all under one roof. In 2014, he began managing the development of a “camera as service” project that combined hardware and AI-based software. The end goal was to provide users with the best photo possibly with just the click of a button. In his free time, he prefers outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking, soccer, and pingpong.


Jahongir Bekmuhammetov

Android Developer

Jahongir has been developing Android applications for more than four years. He loves to create IoT devices in his free time. He is a Marvel Universe fan and the favorite Hero is Iron Man.



Project Manager Assistant

Peach joined Mikhail as his assistant in 2021. When he's not "working" with Mikhail, he loves going on walks and playing in the fields of Russia!

Sergey Rudovsky

Sergey Rudovsky

UI/UX Designer

Sergey Rudovsky worked as a studio and wedding photographer before discovering UX design. He began working in startups because it gave him the opportunity to go from creating an idea to releasing an application worldwide. He is inspired by new products, their creators, and users; he loves to watch how users interact with products, how they use it, what makes them happy, and what upsets them. He thrives on difficult tasks and challenges. In his free time, he loves to travel, explore new places, and meet new people while trying to understand how other cultures can be so different yet the same. When he’s not working, he likes to read books about inventors and space, paint, and walk with his family. He considers himself a happy husband and father of two children and cute dog Archie.


Vahe Hakobyan

Software Engineer

Vahe Hakobyan is a professional software developer with eight years of industrial experience and is always willing to gain new skills and knowledge. He is a thinking person with excellent communication, analytical, time management skills and a master in computer engineering. In the past, he has worked in very interesting ducational, e-commerce, CRM platforms as a developer. He has solid skills in C++(STL,boost,QT), TCL, C#, Python(Django), JavaScript(Node JS), MySQL, MongoDB and Linux.



Food Blogger

Archie is just learning to be a blogger because he likes to eat everything in sight (AirPods, socks, different garbage, toys and etc). However, he doesn't admit it too often... In his spare time he likes to help with the creating new AI technologies and UX solutions.

Yuri Kulakov

C/C++ SDK Software Developer.

Yuri Kulakov graduated with a degree in radiophysics. Shortly after, he took on his first job in radar signal processing systems. He switched to programming with projects in computer vision/image processing, mobile phones, embedded systems (QNX), a little bit of web development. Before joining EyeQ, he worked with Intel and Harman. In his spare time, he enjoys watching (and sometimes playing) volleyball, running, and swimming in open water. He enjoys spending the weekends in his countryside house doing some construction work and then preparing dinner on the charcoal grill before winding down with a movie.

Dmitriy Zolotukhin

Dmitriy Zolotukhin

Frontend React Developer

Dmitriy has more than seven years of experience in web and mobile development in different European and American companies.

Ivan Gordiychuk

Ivan Gordiychuk

QA Engineer

Ivan Gordiychuk was born in Moscow and has since moved to Kazakhstan. He graduated with a bachelor degree in Fundamental Informatics and Information Technologies High School of Economics. After graduation, he worked as a developer at Osnova Group and as a data engineer at Innotex VTB. He has worked on projects like NLP and Machine Learning and Big Data. In his free time, he enjoys jogging, studying history, repairing cars, and traveling.


Ivan Chulkov

Lead Back End Web Engineer

Meet Ivan Chulkov, our talented software engineer who is an expert in Node.js and Go, with extensive experience in designing and implementing scalable and high-performance systems. With a passion for solving complex problems, Ivan has spent years developing innovative solutions. He has a deep understanding of backend technologies and is skilled in developing robust and secure systems that can handle high loads with ease. Whether it's building microservices, designing APIs, or optimizing database queries, Ivan brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project.

Inga Kudeiarova

Inga Kudeiarova

Image Quality Specialist

Inga has been a professional portrait and wedding photographer for over 12 years. She participated in the development of a photography training startup and has collaborated with a magazine to shoot covers and advertising for large companies. In the past, she has organized and held more than 20 master classes. She was a teacher at the photo school on the basics of converting and retouching photos. As you can see, photography is a huge part of her life and her passion! In her free time, she likes to spend with friends, read books about psychology, and explore new places with tasty food.

Olivia Phillips

Olivia Phillips

Business Development Representative

Hailing from the wild and wonderful West Virginia with roots firmly planted on the picturesque shores of South Carolina, Olivia brings a blend of Appalachian charm and Southern hospitality to the table. With several years of business development and sales conversion expertise, Olivia focuses on building mutually beneficial relationships with partners, clients, and colleagues alike. When she's not closing deals, Olivia spends her time cooking for friends and family, or fulfilling her appetite for reading; both pastimes further driving her exceptional curiosity for diverse cultures, people and experiences.



Loud Barking Representative

Hemingway has been perfecting his assertive communication skills since he was able to speak. Just like his namesake, Hemingway is a deep thinker, strong communicator, and lover of all things hunting. In his spare time, he quite literally consumes books, chews his favorite bones, and begs for belly scratches from his owner, Olivia.


Bobby Bynum

Solutions Architect

Growing up in a military family, Bobby's passion for travel is unrivaled. His background in project management means that Bobby loves solving problems for clients and providing solutions based on their needs. Originally from Colorado, Bobby now resides in Charleston, SC. When not solving solutions for clients Bobby can be found on the golf course, ski slopes or outdoors getting a sweat on and enjoying the low-country ocean breeze!

Nikita Ustinov

Nikita Ustinov

AI Specialist

Residing in The Czech Republic, or Czechia, Nikita Ustinov is an expert in artificial intelligence. After receiving his bachelor’s degree in informatics, he studied intelligent systems to receive his master’s. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, motorbiking, playing video games, and sipping coffee.

Carlos Licea

Carlos Licea

Software Engineer

Carlos is a software engineer with over 20 years of programmer experience. Currently residing in Chihuahua, northern Mexico, his journey into programming began early in high school. He became completely hooked thanks to a couple Google Summer of Code projects for KDE. His mission in EyeQ is to deploy Perfectly Clear as widely as possible. Although a Qt Developer at heart, he's not one to shy away from new challenges: be it AWS discovery, Lambda integration, or Git archeology, he's always eager to expand his skill set. Beyond the world of coding, he's a foodie and story lover at heart. Lately, he spends as much time as possible learning to make the perfect chilaquiles, new mezcal mixology and mastering literary structure archetypes, though rarely both at the same time.

Mike Bennett

Mike Bennett

Board Member

Michael brings a wealth of sales, leadership, and business development expertise to EyeQ. His cross-section of experience in sales, marketing, commercial excellence, and customer solutions, coupled with his passion for understanding customer needs and supporting teams to deliver effectively, positions him well to provide leadership and insights to EyeQ.   Michael lives in Calgary with his wife and his dog Ruby and has two grown children. An avid tennis family, Michael is the president of Tennis Alberta, a volunteer position he holds to give back and support the next generation of tennis.



Director of Paw-ductivity

Ruby works with one of our board members, Mike, to make sure he stays as paw-ductive as possible throughout the day.

Dr. Ilya Kalimulin

Dr. Ilya Kalimulin

ML Engineer

Ilya holds a PhD in electromagnetic simulations of electronic devices. He co-founded a startup specializing in cloud-based electronics simulation, embarking on a journey from academia to entrepreneurship. Inspired by 'Machine, Platform, Crowd' by Andrew McAfee and Erik Brynjolfsson, Ilya transitioned to artificial intelligence. He honed his AI skills through Fast.AI's Deep Learning course under Jeremy Howard's mentorship, and his passion led him to explore weather data and satellite imagery processing. While tackling diverse challenges, his true calling emerged in the realm of computer vision and image generation. Ilya's global experiences include living in India, Latvia, and Turkey with his family. Beyond his professional pursuits, he finds joy in family time, tech and sci-fi reading, and sports.

Zsolt Racz

Zsolt Racz

Strategic Advisor

Zsolt is an accomplished entrepreneur with a wealth of professional experience spanning more than 30 years. With a focus on enhancing international businesses, he has become an invaluable part-time Strategic Advisor to our company. Located in Krakow, Poland, he primarily supports our growth in the European market. His remarkable journey includes three decades of expertise in the printing industry, where he honed his skills and knowledge. Additionally, he possesses 15 years of invaluable experience in the personalized photo product market, making him a seasoned authority in this field. Known for his strategic prowess, systematic thinking, and creative problem-solving skills, he adds a unique dimension to our organization. Beyond his professional life, our advisor indulges in the art of wine tasting, holding a WSET Level 1 certification and being an active member of the Krakow Wine Tasters. Additionally, he boasts several years of hands-on experience in crafting fine wines.

Andy Perry

Andy Perry

Solutions Architect

Andy is from the UK and brings a global presence to the team having worked in Partnerships across EMEA, the APAC region, and Latin America. Andy works with our international partners outside of North America, tailoring solutions to best support our clients' needs. A proud Scotsman at heart, Andy loves nothing more than being outdoors, cycling, competing in marathons and exploring with his golden retriever, Robbie.

Collin Anda

Collin Anda

Financial Operations Manager

Collin is a versatile professional with a passion for making the complex approachable and an unwavering commitment to excellence. With a background that spans financial operations, operations management, front-end software development, and technical project management, Collin has honed his skills to provide creative solutions to difficult challenges. Off-duty, he finds joy in nurturing his relationships with family, leveraging his handiness to make wood-working creations, exploring his affinity for design in various forms, delving into scripture, gazing at the stars in the realm of astronomy, and immersing himself in the world of music. With a keen sense of logic, critical thinking, and a strong sense of empathy, Collin brings not just his business acumen but a profound sense of dedication to all his endeavors. Tech-savvy and hard-working, Collin is the embodiment of a modern professional with a laid-back attitude and a world of expertise at his fingertips.

Alexander Kostyukhin

Alexander Kostyukhin

Software Engineer

Alexander is a seasoned Software Engineer based in Serbia, specializing in C++ development with over 13 years of professional experience. His expertise spans a diverse array of projects, showcasing a versatile skill set. Beyond coding, Alexander is passionate about exploration, enjoying activities such as traveling and hiking. He has a keen interest in learning foreign languages, participating in intellectual quizzes, engaging in team sports, and playing the guitar. Alexander's multifaceted interests and extensive experience make him a well-rounded and dynamic professional in the world of software engineering.

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Perfectly Clear processes 11 billion photos per year for leading companies

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Eyeq Introduces Perfectly Clear AI Skin Tone Accuracy for Natural, Accurate Color Representation in Photos

EyeQ Imaging Inc. (EyeQ) is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest innovation: a new version of AI Skin Tone Accuracy in Perfectly Clear’s core image correction. This groundbreaking technology guarantees natural, accurate color representation across all skin tones, regardless of shade or ethnicity.

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EyeQ’s Perfectly Clear AI Automatic Photo Editing Can Now Be Seamlessly Accessed by Kodak DP2 Users

EyeQ Imaging Inc. (EyeQ) announced today Perfectly Clear AI’s full integration into the Kodak Professional Digital Print Production Software/DP2 (Kodak DP2). Kodak DP2 users can now access EyeQ’s world-leading automatic image correction, Perfectly Clear AI, directly in the Kodak DP2 software. Users have the choice of submitting images through the cloud or process them locally.

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EyeQ Launches New Real-Time AI Video Enhancement Technology To Transform Video Quality for Businesses

EyeQ Imaging Inc. (“EyeQ” or the “Company”), the maker of Perfectly Clear® automatic image correction technology, today launched Perfectly Clear Video, an AI video enhancement technology, into its global markets. Perfectly Clear Video uses artificial intelligence to automatically enhance videos in real time and offers a new way to combat limitations businesses face such as low-quality cameras, bad lighting and complex editing sliders.

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EyeQ Announces New AI Scene Detection to Further Revolutionize Automatic Image Correction Technology

EyeQ Imaging Inc. (“EyeQ” or the “Company”), the maker of Perfectly Clear® automatic photo correction technology, today announced it has added AI Scene Detection as an update to Perfectly Clear and will be making it available to customers worldwide. AI Scene Detection is able to identify a scene or lighting condition and then apply a correction with predetermined parameters. This ensures the correction is as accurate as possible and most appropriate to the scene or lighting condition in that photo.

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Automatic Photo Correction Leader EyeQ Partners with OPPO to Make Photos Perfectly Clear Every Time

Automatic Photo Correction Leader EyeQ Partners with OPPO to Make Photos Perfectly Clear Every Time First-of-its-Kind Partnership Gives People the Power of Professional Quality Photos, Instantly CALGARY, Alberta (PRWEB) June 05, 2019 — OPPO, a top-5 global smartphone brand has partnered with EyeQ (formerly Athentech Imaging, Inc.), the world leader in automatic photo correction.

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EyeQ acquired Athentech - Maker of Perfectly Clear, the most trusted automatic image correction technology

Acquisition Maintains Athentech’s Category-Leading Solutions while Better Positioning the Company to Take on the Future of Photography Calgary, AB Canada – April 2, 2019 — EyeQ Inc. a Canadian imaging company with financial venture backing, today announced its acquisition of Athentech Imaging Inc., the world’s leading photo correction solution company.

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