Perfectly Clear QuickDesk is designed for labs that process 100’s to 1,000’s photos per day

Introducing QuickDesk

It can be totally automatic or allow individual review and adjustment to get the highest quality output from every image. It can automate your basic color and exposure correction workflow, and dramatically speed up retouching and more detailed corrections.

Easily implement into any workflow

Setting QuickDesk up is easy and can be done in a matter of minutes— simply run our automated installer. Plus, there are integrations with Netlife and more!

Speed up your
editing process

Our automatic photo retouching and correction software was designed to speed up your photo editing process. You can view our corrections six images at a time so you can get through them in record time, much faster than other software options in the market.

Take full control

If there’s a photo or two that you need to fine tune, it’s no problem! You can zoom in to edit individual photos if needed, or apply custom tweaks to the thumbnail and sync with the rest of the job, giving you full control over your photo correction workflow.

QuickDesk Screenshot

QuickDesk’s visual interface allows you to review, approve, and fine tune each image. Many high volume pro photographers use this batch processing software for photos to quickly get through editing their shoots, and labs across the world use it to edit photos for print.

Six Image View

Automatically save and process in the background while you’re working on the next batch of six.

Viewing Options

View single images on screen or pull up a side by side image for better perspective.

Batch Work

Explore options with batch processing and save all images automatically without viewing.


Product Features

QuickDesk offers the best of both worlds— you can automate your workflow while keeping as much control as you would like. This batch processing software for photos includes several preset groups for ease of use. These include Perfectly Clear Essentials, Perfect Lifestyle, The Great Outdoors, Perfect Portraiture, and Perfect Exposure. You also have the option to create your own preset!

Open a folder of photos quickly, then see the corrected image nearly instantly.

Each photo is individually corrected according to your preset, giving you great, custom results with zero user interaction.

Preview six photos at a time to speed through manual quality review.

Need to tweak? Zoom in on individual images for detailed retouching.

The power of QuickDesk

Unique Corrections with Full Control



Achieve perfect exposure with depth, done automatically pixel by pixel to ensure zero clipping, zero color shift, and zero artifacts.


Showcase the intended color the eye can see, remove unwanted tint and properly recreate purple that cameras can’t capture.


Preserve the integrity of the details through crisp sharpening and powerful noise removal.


Automatically remove red-eye, dark circles, and enhance and enlarge eyes with ease.


Expertly define features with contouring and touch up smiles with teeth whitening.



Create smooth skin by removing blemishes, wrinkles or extra redness from flash.


Enhance beauty with the application of blush or color to support skin tones.

Uber Strength

A quick way to adjust all image corrections at once with a single slider bar

Image Ambulance

Rescue a good image in bad lighting on even the darkest of shots

Neutral Density Filter

Reduce the intensity of the natural light without purchasing an expensive neutral density filter

Improve the way you work

Add automatic photo retouching to your workflow


Even More Corrections


One easy click to apply changes to all images or all remaining images

Quick Correct

Easy buttons found under every image: Strength, Perfect Exposure, Red, Green, and Blue


Integrate our batch processing software for photos with 36Pix, ROES, Dakis, Photo Finale, DP2, and more. We also added functionality to open a photo with Photoshop.


Every button has a hotkey so you can fine tune your photos quicker than ever

Hot Folder Solution

Add QuickServer to your QuickDesk interface for a hot folder solution

QuickDesk Addons

Make your workflow even faster with these optional addons

Auto Head Cropping
Auto Crop

Automatically crop school portraits for consistent sizing in yearbook layouts

We created Auto Crop to help automatically crop portraits according to your parameters, resulting in consistent head sizes. This is extremely beneficial to school and sports photographers, especially yearbook creation. This results in yearbook pages with consistent head sizes and eyelines.

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Other Applications

Prefer something that batch
processes on your server?


Add QuickServer to QuickDesk for a totally automated hot folder solution

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Need to control images from
your command line?


Edit and automatically retouch photos using presets directly from your command prompt

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