Auto Crop AI

Auto Crop effortlessly handles the cropping process based on your specified parameters, ensuring consistent head sizes, eyelines, and gap between the top of the head and top of the photo.

Auto Crop

Save time and money with automatic image resizing and cropping

Perfectly cropped portraits are just a click away! Say goodbye to tedious manual cropping, hours spent sorting through photos, and wasting precious revenue  outsourcing to other companies. 

Reduce Costs

Whether you do your image resizing and cropping in-house or outsource to another company, there are cost savings to be had by automating this process.

Go to Market Faster

Automating your image resizing and cropping means that you can deliver photos to your customers almost instantly.

Full Imaging Suite

Our automatic image correction, retouching, and Auto Crop allow you to automate your entire image editing workflow.

See what our Auto Crop can do

Why automation is so powerful for your business


Rockville Camera fulfills orders four times faster with Perfectly Clear


Reduction in labor costs for Prestige Photographic Group


More photos edited in a day for Barberito Photographers

Using Auto Crop

Auto Crop images in your workflow or build the technology directly into your offering. Try today!

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Test in Workbench

Get up and running in Cloud immediately. Simply load the photos you want upscaled, choose your parameters, and download your upscaled images.

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Implementation & Workflow

Whether you're looking for a workflow tool or a way to build Auto Crop into your own business, we have a solution for you. Contact us today so we can guide you to the right implementation.

Are you ready to save precious time and money with Auto Crop?

Auto Crop was created to provide a consistent crop across a set of portaits. Not only does this save you time on your general cropping needs, it’s also extremely beneficial to get a consistent crop for yearbook creation. Auto Crop images result in yearbook pages with consistent head sizes and eyelines. Contact us today to save time and money on your cropping needs.