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Prestige Photographic Group 

Here’s How Prestige Photographic Group Decreased Editing Time by 85% and Achieve 90% Less Photo Returns 

Do you ever find yourself wishing for more hours in a day? It seems to be a common theme across our customers! Prestige Photographic Group found a way to save hours of time and was able to reduce photo returns with a simple solution — adding Perfectly Clear to their workflow. 

Prestige Photographic Group is a school photography business located in South Africa. After traveling to more than 700 schools each year, they realized that their manual corrections in Photoshop after each shoot were taking way too long. Plus, they knew that improvements could be made in their quality of work. They were able to achieve both these goals with Perfectly Clear QuickServer, our hot folder solution. 

Now, Prestige Photographic Group uses hot folders to batch process their images after a shoot. Once QuickServer is set up, you are able to “set it and forget it” — the server completely automates the photo editing process. Because of this, Prestige Photographic Group has recognized an 85% decrease in editing time. What would you do with all that extra time in your business? 

Not only did Perfectly Clear help reduce editing time, it also ensured better photo quality. After implementation, photo returns decreased by 90%! Manual editing is a time consuming process, and it also results in human error and opinion. By automating the photo editing process, Prestige Photographic Group guarantees consistency across all jobs. 

Would You Like to Decrease the Time It Takes You To Edit Photos by 85%?

Perfectly Clear was created to help businesses like yours save time, make more revenue, reduce returns, and more. As Prestige Photographic Group discovered, the return on investment is even more than they thought. Not only did they speed up their editing time, the automatic corrections were actually preferred over their previous manual corrections! 

The team at EyeQ assisted Prestige Photographic Group to find the right solution for their business, and we can do the same for you. Contact us today to get started!

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