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How DEI Has Been Able To Achieve 10% More Product Views With Automatic Photo and Video Correction

Uncontrollable lighting conditions and inconsistencies are a photographer’s worst nightmare. Thanks to Perfectly Clear, world-leading entertainment imaging provider DEI was able to work around these issues by automatically editing all photos and videos taken and sold at the attractions they provide imaging solutions for. 

DEI, or Digiphoto Entertainment Imaging, is a worldwide provider of imaging services and solutions for attractions, theme parks, and resorts. They equip these sites with photo and video options like, stationary cameras, immersive guest experiences, and professionally trained photography staff. Their presence is at top attractions and theme parks across the globe.

When the company began to notice that they were losing out on sales due to poor lighting conditions and unsellable photos and videos, they knew they needed a solution. Thankfully, they found Perfectly Clear! 

“The images being captured during various times of the day were inconsistent and many times not sellable,” explained Alok Daga, Vice President of Technology at DEI. “We were looking for an easily deployable AI-enabled image enhancement solution to fix this problem. After looking at other solutions, we shortlisted Perfectly Clear as our strategic partner for image enhancement.”

Perfectly Clear was able to check all of DEI’s boxes. 

Since implementation, DEI has seen an increase in product views by 8% – 10%. 

Of course, higher product views can be attributed to higher sales.

Not only have they achieved an increase in sales, they also shared that Perfectly Clear is so easy to implement that they rolled out this new technology across 45+ platinum and gold sites within the first month of their contract. 

“The entire process of contracting, deployment, and then the post sale follow through on support and issue resolution was seamless – this for sure has made the partnership even more strong.”

Alok Daga, Vice President of Technology at DEI

Would you like to increase your product view  by 10%+ like DEI?

In an anonymous test we conducted with more than 5,000 participants, the corrected image was chosen 96% of the time. That statistic combined with DEI’s 10% increase in product views  proves that your customers want their photos and videos edited. Perfectly Clear was created to do just that, and currently is used to automatically edit more than 140 million images everyday for some of the top imaging companies around the world. Try our photo or video technology for yourself and contact us today for more information— we’d love to help you increase your sales by 10%, too!

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