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Rockville Camera Completes Orders in ¼ of the Time Thanks to Perfectly Clear

Why spend countless hours editing photos when you can get the same results in a fraction of the time? Rockville Camera is now able to edit four times the amount of photos in a single hour thanks to Perfectly Clear’s automatic photo editing technology. Rockville Camera is also more impressed by Perfectly Clear than ever after upgrading to the latest version of Perfectly Clear QuickDesk (Version 4 at the time of this testimonial) that uses a blend of artificial intelligence and real science.

Rockville Camera is a print lab that has been in business for more than 36 years— they know that technology is important for staying up to date and relevant in the industry. One day, they realized that they spent way too long in front of a monitor making adjustments. All that time spent making manual edits could be better spent on their customers. 

In 2019, they serendipitously stumbled upon the Perfectly Clear booth at a conference. They knew that automation could help speed up their workflow, and after testing, they found that Perfectly Clear QuickDesk solved that problem! They are now able to achieve all their edits on the desktop software.

“Our photo quality sets us apart from other labs, especially the chains. With Perfectly Clear, we are still offering better quality, we’re just spending less time getting there.”

Garrett Smetana, owner of Rockville Camera

Rockville Camera’s Thoughts on the New AI

Because Rockville Camera has been a customer since 2019, they have experienced many versions and updates of Perfectly Clear. They are now using the latest version of Perfectly Clear which includes both real science and artificial intelligence. This allows the technology to be more intelligent than ever, including new features like AI Preset Selection and AI Skintone Accuracy

AI Preset Selection reads the contents of the image to choose a preset and individual corrections accordingly. This has sped up the workflow of Rockville Camera even more! Before the addition of AI, they were using three or four different presets depending on the camera type and image. With the new AI, they have not had to create a single preset or make any adjustments of their own, leading to an even faster workflow than before. 

Would You Like To Edit 4X the Amount of Photos in an Hour?

Imagine what you could do with all the time you save by automating your manual editing. Rockville Camera turned to automation in 2019 and never looked back! Perfectly Clear can be used anywhere, any way. Rockville Camera currently uses our desktop solution to allow control over the editing process, but we also have a Cloud processor, APIs, SDKs, hot folder, and more. Contact us today to find the right solution for you! 

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