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Here’s How Barberito Photographers Are Able to Edit 300% More Photos Every Day With the Help of Perfectly Clear 

If you’ve ever worked in the high volume school and sports portrait industry, you know that your workload is constantly changing. During the peak fall and spring season, days are filled with constant shoots and editing. As you probably know, these busy seasons are just as stressful as they are exciting. Thankfully, Barberito Photographers discovered a solution that allows them to save time editing their images, remove editor bias, and achieve incredible image quality. They are now happy to use Perfectly Clear for their color correction needs. 

Barberito Photographers is a successful portrait photography business located in New Orleans, Louisiana. They’re most well-known for their school, sports, and senior portraits. With such a fluctuating schedule, they knew automation would be crucial for growing their business. They began to test solutions and ultimately landed on Perfectly Clear. 

“It was hands down, mind blowing to see the quality of color correction being produced by Perfectly Clear software.”

Chris Barberito, General Manager at Barberito Photographers

“​​There were really three driving factors on why I decided to partner with Perfectly Clear,” explained Chris Barberito, General Manager at Barberito Photographers. “First, it was hands down, mind blowing to see the quality of color correction being produced by Perfectly Clear software. Second, it took manual ‘thinking and guessing’ out of the editing process, which in turn saved an invaluable amount of time when editing hundreds of thousands of images each year. Third, the Perfectly Clear team is composed of wonderful people who have a sincere sense of passion in producing the finest color correction tool on the market… and after working with Perfectly Clear for the past six months, they have absolutely achieved perfection.”

Before using Perfectly Clear, edits were being made manually through a long, tedious process. Each photo needed to be edited individually, which was especially difficult for large jobs. Now that Barberito Photographers can use Perfectly Clear to batch process images, they have been able to triple the amount of images corrected in a single day.

Perfectly Clear stood out against the competition in many ways, but the most obvious was the ability to beautifully color correct outdoor events such as groups and panoramas. Barberito Photographers photograph a variety of portrait programs, each with different editing needs. Because of Perfectly Clear, they have the ability to quickly correct a class group portrait with the press of the button. This adds value to the final product without adding time to their workflow.   

Chris Barberito also mentioned that the pricing structure works well for them. He explains, “A huge benefit to my company was the simple pricing and lack of click-fees. Just buy the license and let the software go to work for you.” 

Perfectly Clear can be used anywhere, any way. There are a variety of ready-to-use solutions as well as SDKs and APIs that businesses can build with. After working with the Perfectly Clear team, Barberito Photographers landed on Perfectly Clear QuickDesk, a ready-to-use desktop solution. QuickDesk allows users to batch process images while reviewing them six at a time. While reviewing, any necessary tweaks can be made.

Are You Ready To Save Time, Remove Editor Bias, & Achieve Quality Edits Like Barberito Photographers?

When you introduce automation into your workflow, you can achieve results like Barberito Photographers. Use Perfectly Clear to correct your images, retouch portraits, add filters, and so much more. Our team is here to help you find the right solution for your business just like we helped Barberito Photographers. Contact us today to get started— we can’t wait to hear from you!

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