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Perfectly Clear Technology Updates

Welcome to our update roundup! Here’s what’s new with Perfectly Clear. 

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May 2022

AI Scene Detection is Even More Accurate

We’re now on Scene Detection Model 3.6, and it’s more accurate than ever.

Scene Detection is used to determine the contents of the image and categorize it. Then, AI Preset Selection chooses a preset accordingly. More accuracy means even better corrections. 

AI Skin Tone Accuracy is Even More Accurate & Robust

Perfectly Clear is inclusive to all skin tones, and we have been working on making our AI Skin Tone Accuracy even more accurate. After the AI Scene Detection retraining, we were able to accurately detect dark skin tones 99.5% of the time, meaning that we can accurately correct them.

We also have optional parameters that can be added to your presets based on the look and feel you are looking for in skin tones. For example, we can assist with making skin tones less orange, removing infrared, etc. 

dark skin tone detection

New: Transparent Background Preset in Pro Model

If you’re using Perfectly Clear for images that are already extracted, this update is for you! We added a new Preset in the Pro Model that has been designed for previously extracted photos such as green screen knockouts. 

This ensures that the background color has no effect on the correction. 

Screen Shot of Workbench transparent scene

New: Updated Pro Model Presets

Previous pro preset
current pro preset
Previous pro presetcurrent pro preset

Presets in our Pro Model are now more consistent and conservative to fit the needs of the professional portrait market. Based on customer feedback we received, we have updated the following presets in the Pro Model: Outdoor Portraits, Portraits - Light Background, and Portraits - Dark Background. Results (like this example) may be subtle. Differences include:

  • More consistent across presets in the model
  • More conservative to fit the needs of the professional portrait market
  • Less contrast
  • Less vibrant

March 2022

Exciting March Updates

Model accuracy. AI Preset Selection’s accuracy is even higher than before!

Smaller model size. 

It’s faster than ever!

AI Preset Selection Model Split

Originally, we launched AI Preset Selection with one single model. Now, we have two models: Universal & Pro. This means that corrections are even more accurate.

Universal Model:
The Universal Model was created for a wide array of photos. If your business has imagery of people, landscapes, and objects, this model is for you!

Pro Model:
This model was created for professional portrait photographers. This can be used by professional portrait photographers, school and sports photographers, event photographers, etc.

New: People at Night Preset

people at night before
people at night after
people at night beforepeople at night after

We added a new preset to our Universal model: People at Night. This category was created because nighttime images are meant to stay dark with minimal enhancement. As you can see in this before/after, the integrity of the night scene is kept! We're enhancing depth and sharpening the image to make it look its best on screen and on print.