AI Skin Tone Accuracy V2

How Perfectly Clear Creates Lifelike, Natural Skin Tones in Portraits

Photography plays a significant role in shaping our perception of ourselves, others, and the world around us. Photographs capture a moment in time and preserve that memory forever, and our unwavering commitment lies in ensuring that those captured images are presented in their utmost visual brilliance. 

Skin tones are a huge part of this commitment — we are thrilled to introduce our latest iteration of AI Skin Tone Accuracy, guaranteeing natural, accurate color across all skin tones, no matter the shade. 

The Road to AI Skin Tone Accuracy V2

AI Skin Tone Accuracy

Accurately capturing skin tones is of utmost importance in photography, and our relentless dedication to authenticity has driven us to continuously enhance our core technology over the years. Through collaborative efforts of our machine learning engineers, scientists, AI specialists, and image quality experts, we have developed a groundbreaking solution. After numerous iterations, we have devised a sophisticated 10-level skin tone approach that seamlessly integrates our core image correction with cutting-edge artificial intelligence and scientific advancements.

Accessing AI Skin Tone Accuracy Today

This version of AI Skin Tone Accuracy comes standard across all our Perfectly Clear core technology implementations. Here’s what you need to know for testing and getting the most current version of our technology: 

To Test: 

Testing AI Skin Tone Accuracy is easy! Simply request to download Workbench, our image quality testing tool. Load your photos in and watch the magic happen.

Current Customers:


    • If you are currently using one of our desktop products, simply update to the latest version to use this technology. If you are using custom presets, you’ll need to update them and turn on this feature. If you are using our out-of-the-box AI Preset Models, an upgrade is all you’ll need. 

    • If you are using any of our SDKs or APIs, contact your personal account manager or fill out our contact form to request the latest version. If you are using custom presets, they will need to be updated with AI Skin Tone Accuracy V2 turned on.

You can get specific information on changes and backwards compatibility for each product below. 

If you have any questions or would like a demo, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We’d love to hear from you.