How does the newest version of AI Skin Tone Accuracy compare the the previous version?

We are proud to unveil a groundbreaking update to our AI Skin Tone Accuracy in version 10.5 of our SDK and in the latest versions of our desktop products and APIs. This groundbreaking technology guarantees natural, accurate color representation across all skin tones, regardless of shade or ethnicity.

Unlike previous models that could only detect and correct light and dark skin tones, our new model can discern a full range of skin tones with much higher accuracy thanks to a 10-level system. Our team of image quality experts is available to fine-tune the corresponding skin tone corrections for these 10 levels, ensuring you achieve the most natural, accurate results.

AI Skin Tone Accuracy

Take a look at the image comparisons below to see the difference between version 1 and version 2 of our AI Skin Tone Accuracy.

Our image quality team worked with specialists and current customers to achieve these accurate results. However, all of these corrections can be fine-tuned for your desired outcome. Contact us today with any questions.

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