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Here’s How Marathon Press Strategically Saved on Costs with Perfectly Clear

Growing pains are a part of any volume photography business. Eventually, you come to a crossroads: do you hire more people, or do you turn to technology to pick up the slack? Marathon Press chose to automate their photo editing process with Perfectly Clear, and the costs they have saved are immeasurable. 

Marathon Press began looking for high quality, efficient technology that could automate their image correction process. Previously, they were outsourcing retouching but hadn’t solved their need for color correction at scale— they needed a solution that could efficiently handle the massive volume of photos Marathon Press receives every day. 

Ultimately, they decided on Perfectly Clear to meet their photo editing needs. 

According to Mark Weber, professional photographer and marketing consultant at Marathon Press, the value of adding Perfectly Clear to their arsenal of tools is immeasurable.

Mark Weber

I know we avoided a TON of costly expenses by jumping on board with Perfectly Clear right away.

— Mark Weber, professional photographer
& marketing consultant at Marathon Press

I know we avoided a TON of costly expenses by jumping on board with Perfectly Clear right away. We avoided the need to hire staff, which always introduces a human element of mistakes, down time, insurance, etc., so that automation was huge. Perfectly Clear is obviously fast, too— much faster than a human can evaluate an order and make even a simple global change. The quality is consistent so you don’t have multiple people calling color, which can introduce some variables. We also have preferences with Perfectly Clear to be able to tweak the look to whatever we want.

To summarize Mark’s words, Perfectly Clear helps Marathon Press exponentially by: 

  • Saving costs
  • Removing human error and inconsistency
  • Producing orders quicker and more efficiently
  • Customizing when needed

Are you ready to achieve the same success as Marathon Press?

Perfectly Clear automated photo editing technology was created to give your business a competitive edge. We offer a variety of automated tools including color correction, retouching, AI Image Upscaling, Auto Crop, and more. Contact us today to learn more and get set up for a free trial. The beauty of Perfectly Clear is that it can be implemented anywhere, any way, in any workflow. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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