Gradiuation photo

The Grad Team, a Division of American Photo Marketing

How Perfectly Clear Helps The Grad Team, Part of American Photo Marketing, Reduce Labor Costs, Increase Sales, and Go to Market Faster

Deciding on Perfectly Clear was a strategic move for The Grad Team at a crucial crossroads. They faced the age-old dilemma: expand the team or leverage technology for efficiency. Perfectly Clear emerged as the perfect solution that not only streamlined their processes but also elevated the quality of their graduation images without the heavy burden of labor.

The Grad Team, part of the American Photo Marketing group, was searching for an efficient solution that delivered superior image quality during graduation season without excessive manual labor. Speed was also a factor — when it comes to graduations, most sales are made within 24 hours, so the solution could not hinder going to market quickly. 

Ultimately, they decided on Perfectly Clear to meet their photo editing needs. 

Not only did [Perfectly Clear] significantly reduce our labor costs, but it also catapulted us to market faster.

— Mark Hommerding, president of The Grad Team and
American Photo Marketing

“Perfectly Clear became our catalyst for success on multiple fronts,” explained Mark Hommerding, president of The Grad Team and American Photo Marketing. “Not only did it significantly reduce our labor costs, but it also catapulted us to market faster. The emotional impact of delivering images promptly, especially in the event world, cannot be overstated. We’ve observed a boost in sales, with a notable uptick in our annual performance. As part of a comprehensive strategy, Perfectly Clear played a crucial role in our newfound success.”

As well as the anticipated  reduction in labor costs and increase in sales, Hommerding also explained that one of the key factors that drew him and his team to Perfectly Clear was  its impressive clientele of industry peers who not only used but highly respected the technology. Plus, the willingness of the Perfectly Clear team to collaborate on a tailored workflow solution was pivotal. During implementation, EyeQ and The Grad Team developers worked closely to ensure an integration that fit seamlessly into their existing processes.

Before Perfectly Clear, The Grad Team was manually editing their graduation photos. With continual changing lighting conditions and camera limitations, the editing process took precious, valuable time away from their go-to-market opportunity. Now, the labor and time savings brought about by Perfectly Clear allows them to redirect their focus towards creativity rather than repetitive tasks.

Are you ready to achieve the same success as The Grad Team?

The Grad Team’s strategic adoption of Perfectly Clear has proven to be a game-changer, delivering substantial reductions in labor costs, accelerated time-to-market, and a noteworthy surge in sales. For businesses facing the choice between expanding teams and embracing technology for efficiency, Perfectly Clear is the solution. Contact us today to learn more about Perfectly Clear technology including color correction, retouching, Auto Crop, and more. The beauty of Perfectly Clear is that it can be implemented anywhere, any way, in any workflow. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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