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How Freed Photography Reduces Editing Time, Saves on Costs, and Sells More Quality Photos with Perfectly Clear

Freed Photography already breaks the mold when it comes to school portrait photography, and they were ready to explore their options outside the boundaries of conventional manual editing, too. Thanks to Perfectly Clear, they achieved a remarkable reduction in their editing timeframe, cutting the processing time by nearly two-thirds and experiencing exponential cost savings.

Freed Photography has a unique setup in that they take anywhere from six to twelve photos of each student against various outdoor backdrops and lighting conditions before editing them and sending them to the parents for purchase. 

Freed Photography has an uncommon school portrait setup: they use up to eight photographers at a time to capture seven to twelve photos of each student outdoors against different backgrounds and lighting. These photos are then edited and made available for parents to purchase. This creates many unique challenges they have to overcome: 

  • Editing is necessary. Dynamic, outdoor photos often need color correction to capture the true vibrancy of the image.
  • Consistency can be a challenge. Lighting conditions outdoors are often unpredictable. Not only does this mean that consistency can vary, it also creates possible errors in the exposure settings within the camera that need to be fixed with editing.
  • The Freed Photography sales model is successful due to the fact that the parent can choose from seven to twelve images, choose their favorites, then purchase. However, this poses a problem because every photo needs to be enhanced for viewing with no guarantee of purchase. The volume of photos makes it difficult to edit in a timely, cost effective manner. 

The unconventional method is proven to increase sales, but it also introduced a higher need for editing and enhancements, which was a challenge due to the high volumes of photographs taken during each shoot. 

Enter Perfectly Clear, a game-changer in normalizing color balance, eliminating environmental variability, and ensuring consistency across a photoshoot.

An automated, intelligent editing solution is the only option that would work for our workflow and setup.

— Neal Freed, co-founder and president of Freed Photography

“An automated, intelligent editing solution is the only option that would work for our workflow and setup,” explained Neal Freed, co-founder and president of Freed Photography. “Going to market while relying on manual editing takes triple the time, and other automated solutions weren’t intelligent enough to achieve the results we were after. Perfectly Clear was clearly the right fit for us.”

Before adopting Perfectly Clear, the team struggled with the daunting task of manual corrections. Attempts at bulk editing, including outsourcing for cost-effectiveness, couldn’t achieve the results necessary for success. Outsourcing editing proved inconsistent and time-consuming, often extending the editing process to three days on average and delaying the time to market. Perfectly Clear was able to decrease editing time from three days to one day, reducing the editing timeframe by almost two-thirds and decreasing cost exponentially.

The quality of photos increased as well. Because manual editing is subjective, outsourced results were commonly undesirable. Neal Freed estimates that the number of unsellable or poorly edited photos was reduced by more than 90%. The expanded range of acceptability ensured photo quality consistently met—and often exceeded—expectations.

Are you ready to achieve the same success as Freed Photography?

Perfectly Clear not only streamlined Freed Photography’s workflow but also elevated the quality of their work, reduced time to market, minimized labor costs, and boosted sales. Ready to achieve similar success? Contact us today to explore how Perfectly Clear can give your business a competitive edge.

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