How do I test Auto Crop in Workbench?

Thanks for testing Auto Crop!

Before you start testing, please note that Auto Crop is meant to be tested with a consistent set of images that are all in the same same shoot. Auto Crop is created to automatically crop a job — for example, class pictures that were taken the same day in the same position. Version 2 of Auto Crop allows for differentiation in the placement of the head and where the eyes are looking.

Learn how to test Auto Crop in Workbench by watching the video below or reading the rest of this FAQ.

1. Launch Workbench and load in the set of images you wish to crop. You can use any image as a starting point to choose your crop settings.

2. Click the crop icon in the right hand panel to open crop settings.

3. Choose your desired aspect ratio.
Note: the “Custom” option allows you to enter your own aspect ratio)

4. Move and/or resize the box over the image to set your desired crop positioning.

5. Click “Apply All” to apply auto crop to all images.

6. Click “Save All” in the top right to save the cropped images.

How to Make Adjustments After Applying Crop

After applying auto head cropping to all images, you can review the cropped images in Workbench and make adjustments to individual images before saving them. 

To do so, after step #6 above:

  1. Click the arrows underneath the image (or the left/right arrow keys on your keyboard) to flip through images. (You can also quickly scan images by looking at the thumbnails)
  1. To make adjustments to an image, simply click the crop icon, adjust the crop box over the image, and click “Apply” (NOT “Apply All” – this will re-crop all images)

Happy cropping! If you have any questions or would like a demo, please contact us at any time.

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