Essential Details Adjustments for Images

When using Perfectly Clear, you’ll find several corrections available. These are grouped by category to make it easier to understand their function. Let’s examine the third category of adjustments, the Details category. These adjustments are useful to refine the finest details in an image.

For best results, zoom into 100% to judge the effects of the adjustment. You can do this quickly by pressing the Z key. Use the navigator controls to modify what part of a photo you are examining.

Perfectly Clear’s proprietary sharpening is a series of very powerful and unique algorithms developed to deliver a crisp-looking photo. Even in-focus images can appear slightly soft due to how the camera’s sensor processes the photo. Use sharpening to unlock the details in a photo. Be sure not to push the slider too far, or you may add noise into the image.

Our Perfectly Clear Noise engine is the fastest and most effective on the market for removing high and low ISO noise in photographs, grains in scanned images, JPEG compression artifacts, Moiré pattern effects and much more. With our noise correction, the noise in digital photos is reduced by 2 – 3 stops, so that the noise level of the photo shot at ISO 1600 is effectively reduced to ISO 200 – 400 levels.

When you turn this adjustment on, you’ll notice how the noise is removed from the image. The Noise correction can be fine tuned using sliders. Drag to increase the strength of the adjustment. You can also affect how the Details are treated.

Feel free to use Noise Correction presets to tackle specific types of images. When noise removal is turned ON, there are five presets to choose:
Default – a robust, powerful setting for most camera corrections.
Camera Phone – a special engine has been added in to correct the grainy quality of most camera phone pictures.
Night Scene – The night setting is optimized for shots where dark areas of the image are mixed with illuminated and potentially detail intensive areas. We find that the lower frequency noise is the biggest (and solvable) concern for these types of shots with potential noise blotches and color banding.
Portrait – The emphasis is to retain the structural and natural color composition but remove larger noise artifacts and blemishes while avoiding an over-processed, plastic look.
Strongest – This forces the maximum amount noise reduction. Be careful with this option not to overdo it.

Unlike other noise removal solutions that will blur a photo and always apply, our noise removal is automatic! It first analyzes the photo to detect if noise exists, and will only remove noise if it exists. Thus you can turn our noise removal on and robustly batch process a large volume of photos safely knowing that only noisy images will be corrected.

This completes our look at Details controls, be sure to watch more of our videos to understand all of Perfectly Clear’s adjustments.