Getting Started with Perfectly Clear V3 for Adobe Photoshop

Welcome to this QuickStart overview to get you running with Perfectly Clear Complete. This video will help you use the plugin with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Elements, and Corel Paint Shop Pro. You’ll find additional training tutorials on our website and YouTube channel that go into greater detail on all features.

Installing Perfectly Clear Complete
If you’ve purchased Perfectly Clear Complete, you should receive a download link in your email. You can also point your web browser towards, to download our AppsManager software. The AppsManager handles installing software, managing your licenses, and add-ons.

The installation is managed by the Athentech Application Manager. Run the AppsManager download. The AppsManager should launch automatically after installation. Then click the install button to install our Plug-in (ensure your host program is closed). You can activate your software right from the AppsManager or even purchase there too. If you have downloaded the trial and then purchase from AppsManager, then the activation happens automatically. The AppsManager is also useful and keeping your software up to date and showing you the latest Add-Ons as well.

An Introduction to the User Interface
To use Perfectly Clear, you’ll apply it as a filter. Make sure the layer you want to affect is active in the Layers panel. Now, choose Filter Athentech Imaging Perfectly Clear Complete V3. Let’s make things easier to see by clicking the maximize window button. Your re-sized window state will be remembered the next time you open the plug-in.

Let’s explore the plugin.