How to install, purchase, activate, and update Perfectly Clear with the Apps Manager

Download & Install

Welcome to this tutorial that will help you install and activate your copy of Perfectly Clear. If you haven’t already downloaded your free trial, then please visit our products page. Point your web browser towards, and click the download button.

Please choose either Mac or Windows and click the blue download button. Once the file has downloaded, locate the installer. It may be stored in your downloads folder or desktop depending on how your web browser is set up.

Before installation, please ensure the image editing application (like Photoshop) that will serve as the host of Perfectly Clear is closed. Please also close any other open applications for the duration of the installation process. This caution will minimize the chance of errors during install.

The installation is managed by the Athentech Application Manager. Run the AppsManager download. After accepting the End User License Agreement, and entering your system password, the installer will place the Apps Manager in your Applications folder.
The AppsManager should launch automatically after installation. If not, navigate to your Applications folder. Open the Athentech folder and then launch AppsManager or simply search your system for AppsManager.

Just click ‘install’ on the application tile you want to use. The download and installation are handled by the AppsManager. You may be prompted to enter your username and password as well as accept the End User License Agreement.

When you first install and run Perfectly Clear, you will be in Trial Mode. This is fully functional, and will only allow you to run the plugin for a limited time. Once your trial expires, you’ll need to purchase a license to continue to use the plugin.


If you’ve already purchased a software license key, you can activate the software. In the AppsManager, click the icon next on a product’s tile. Enter your email address and your License key and click Activate.

You can also purchase applications right in the AppsManager. Just click the ‘Buy Now’ button for the product you’d like to purchase. You’ll enter your order info there, and once complete, your purchase will automatically be activated.


If you need to purchase Perfectly Clear from our website, just visit Click on the Perfectly Clear menu and click the Buy button. After entering your purchase information, you’ll receive two emails from us. These emails contain your receipt of the purchase and your license key if you need it in the future. These emails will come from and Please make sure that your spam filters are set up to receive these emails.


Once you’ve correctly activated your software, you’ll see License Activated. If you’d like, you can install your software on a second computer. You may use your license key on two computers at once (it doesn’t matter if they’re Windows or Mac).

In the future, when you run Perfectly Clear, it will check for updates. Up to once a day, your plugin will check in to our website to see if an update is available. If there is, the AppsManager will launch, and you’ll be prompted to run the update. Just follow the on-screen instructions.

AppsManager is new for version 3 and very important to your workflow. Using AppsManager, you can install our software and preset packs as well manage your licenses and activations. In fact, you can even purchase your software and extra presets. The AppsManager will launch automatically any time they are updates or new preset and LOOK’s packs available. Otherwise, you can launch at any time manually if you;d like to explore what software is installed or if you’d like to deactivate your software.

If you ever need to remove Perfectly Clear from a computer, be sure to deactivate it. Deactivation allows you to remove Perfectly Clear from one computer so that you can use it on a different computer. Remember that you can install and use Perfectly Clear on two computers at once, so if you only have two computers that you use Perfectly Clear on, then you do not need to deactivate.

To deactivate, just launch the AppsManager. Click the icon icon on a product’s tile and then click the Deactivate button in the pop-up window.

Congratulations your software is now installed, activated, and up to date. To learn how to get the most from Perfectly Clear, be sure to watch the rest of our videos to understand all your options.