Gifts for the Photography Enthusiast: A Guide

gifts for the photography enthusiast

If you have a loved one that’s a photographer, you know their wish list is filled with the latest photography toys and gadgets. Gifts for the photography enthusiast can be hard to come by if you don’t know what you’re looking for! Luckily, we are here to help. Here’s some of the top tech in photography:

This gift guide is in no particular order— we highly recommend all products and companies featured.

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Our Top 8 Gifts for the Photography Enthusiast

1. A New Lens

Check out these Lensbaby lenses

What photographer doesn’t love a new lens? Lensbaby specializes in creative effects lenses. Gone are the days of flat, boring photography! The photographer in your life will love the creativity and different look these  lenses, tools, and accessories bring.

2. Better Lighting With Lume Cube

Browse some lighting with Lime Cube

How is their lighting setup? Lume Cube is known for their incredible lighting solutions. Not only are their lights powerful, they are also portable. The popular Lume Cube 2.0 is only 1.6″ tall, yet the light is powerful enough to fill a room. It’s a must in any camera bag!

3. Hold Their Camera With Spider Holster™

See Spider Holster™’s accessories

Spider Holster™ has revolutionized the way we carry our cameras. From actual holsters a camera can easily fit in to tripod carriers, these products are a must for any photographer that is on the move. You can easily carry your camera at your hip as you move from place to place and take your camera out when you need it!

4. Get a Piece of Their Art Printed

Print with Artsy Couture

Get $15 off your first order |Expires 1/1/2020 | CODE: EYEQ15

Nothing says “I appreciate your work” like actually using their work. If your loved one is a photographer, show them you support them by printing a piece to put in your own home. Sometimes, photographers are too timid to truly appreciate the beautiful art they have created. Artsy Couture creates beautiful, high-quality photo products. Print a canvas for your wall or create a beautiful phonebook of your loved one’s favorite photos!

5. Even More Printing With Bay Photo Lab

Browse Bay Photo Lab

Give your images the gift of stunning presentation with Bay Photo’s Industry-Leading MetalPrints. Curved MetalPrints, and MetalPrints with Display Stands are perfect as gifts for the table-top. MetalPrints are also available with a wide variety of wall display options, in custom sizes up to 48×96”. Clusters and Splits are a great way to expand your MetalPrint display across multiple prints, filling entire walls. Offer applies to any one MetalPrint order, including all corresponding MetalPrint display options.

6. Make Their Life Easier With a Photoshop Greenscreen Plug-In by 36Pix

Learn more about Key36

If the photography enthusiast in your life uses a green screen and doesn’t use Key36 already, you would be doing them a huge favor by getting this for them as a gift. In summary, this incredible technology takes the green part of the image and creates a transparent background automatically. It does all the work for you! Imagine how much time this would save.

7. Get Customs Cards with Minted

Browse Minted

From cards to custom prints, Minted is known for their incredible products. Their products come with pre-loaded options created by other artists, but there’s always the option to customize with your choice of photography. A custom calendar pre-filled with important dates is a very thoughtful gift, or you can check out their Gift Guide for more ideas. If you’re not sure what to get, they even have gift cards. You can’t go wrong!

8. An Easier Way to Edit Photos

Check out Perfectly Clear

It’s no secret that photographers spend hours editing their photos. What if we told you that they don’t have to? Perfectly Clear adds up to 40 automatic corrections to each photo so it’s edited in seconds. Plus, there’s instant portrait retouching! Whether it’s a landscape, a portrait, or anything in between, the software uses incredible technology to fix the mistakes the camera made in seconds.