New and Improved QuickDesk from Perfectly Clear

QuickDesk is hands-down the best tool for labs to improve image correction capacity and output quality. Now, QuickDesk is faster than ever with improved integration, better workflow, superior sharpening and support for new RAW files. 

What’s New? 

  • Faster than ever! Major re-write of our core engine speeds up processes so you can spend even less time editing!
  • New & improved sharpening – not only faster, but stronger and smarter than ever!
  • New Integration with ROES Workflow
  • Supports new raw files
  • Major Workflow Improvements
    • Edit within your existing user preset,  easier flow when editing preset description, the Grad Group checkbox displays perfectly, multiple image selection using “open with” command works perfectly, and now you can apply negative exposure (to darken a photo) directly from your quick correct!

What Does this Mean for You? 

QuickDesk will process 500 to 800 images per hour, pixel by pixel — it intuitively executes the bulk work, so you can spend your time where it matters most.

We’re Investing, Innovating, and Improving Every Year.

Perfectly Clear is committed to solving problems faced by labs. Every year, we continue to innovate with research and development by our team of physicists, engineers, and photographers. 

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