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Anyone looking to maximize their capacity for image correction while simultaneously boosting the quality of their photos. Photo labs, both consumer and pro-oriented, along with high-volume photographers need to implement an automated process that allows time for quick tweaks and supports artistic adjustments. QuickDesk is a robust production solution that will process 500 to 800 images […]

Yes, QuickDesk can be integrated into various LAB workflow tools like ROES using the ‘manifest file’ system described below. So what is ROES?  ROES Server can be configured to generate these manifest files and launch QuickDesk using it’s QuickDesk Listener Agent.  Details about the ROES / QuickDesk Listener Agent can be found here on the ROES-U […]

We’ve partnered with the leader in the ‘knockout’ space to build the best retouching / greenscreen workflow to QuickDesk.  New in QuickDesk 3.6 is our ’36Pix’ integration: This allows you to enter your 36Pix user credentials, then add an ‘Order ID’ with every QuickDesk job you process.  Once the images are corrected in QuickDesk, simply […]

It’s easy to integrate QuickDesk into your Netlife workflow using their Retouch Link software. Here’s how: 1) Make sure you have QuickDesk downloaded, installed, and activated. 2) In Netlife PhotoSuite, download the images via Retouch Link for editing 3) Your folder of images should be open: 4) Select the images or folder to edit.  Drag […]

When you purchase QuickDesk, you get one fully licensed seat.  QuickDesk uses “concurrent licensing” – meaning you can install and activate on as many computers as you choose, so long as only the number of seats you have purchased are in use at any one time. If you’d like more copies of QuickDesk, please contact […]

We offer two levels of support for RAW file processing in our “stand-alone” applications (those not run as plug-ins): 1) Full RAW editing support and 2) RAW data access. For both of these, support is provided by camera make and model – not by file extension like CR2, NEF, or DNG. Full RAW Editing support […]

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Windows Firewall may be a reason for “License State Unknown” error message.  To fix this: Go to Network and Firewall Protection tab of the Windows Defender Security Center  Select the “Allow an app through firewall” option Then select “Change settings” and then “Allow another app” Add AppsManager and Perfectly Clear.  That should fix it.  The next […]

Yes. You are in complete control of your preset library.      

QuickDesk is localized to four languages, they include; English, French, Spanish, and German.

Yes! QuickDesk integration allows a DP2 operator to select images to correct (individual images or complete jobs) and send these to QuickDesk on their local workstation. The operators can then review images on-screen (one at a time or in ‘6 up view) and apply presets or manual retouching or color/tone corrections. This is best for medium-volume uses […]

Our products rely on several Microsoft components that are installed by default on the vast majority of systems, but might be out of date or missing – especially on older systems.  If these are missing, then various issues can result, including: Preview image and / or thumbnails not appearing Problems saving images from PNG files […]

We’re constantly updating all our products. Here’s a look at the larger changes we’ve made since QuickDesk and QuickServer v3 since they launched: v3.10.0.1768: Mar 2020 Launching Background Balancing QuickServer: Added full localizations in several languages QuickServer: New “Copy Channel” capability Fix colorspace conversation issue on non-embedded AdobeRGB images v3.9.0.1737: Jan 2020 Added new ‘iAuto […]

You can pause your subscription for QuickDesk or Background Balancing at any time.

You will be charged for the Background Balancing service at $0.10 per image when you save photos (click the “Save All” or “Save” button) with this feature enabled.  All images processed with Background Balancing will be added up, and you’ll be invoiced at the end of the month.  Images processed without enabling Background Balancing enabled […]

To enable Background Balancing, two things need to happen: Your EyeQ sales or support contacts will need to enable this feature on your license of QuickDesk. You need to enable this feature on the Session Configuration dialog when you open each job, as shown below.   The Background Balancing controls in the right column will […]

Background Balancing will begin with the usual QuickDesk operations. Photos will be automatically corrected with Perfectly Clear. Then, you’ll be able to choose Background Balancing. You’ll have the option to sync all images to Current image or Job Average. These mean:  Current image: Apply the background from the currently selected image to all of the […]