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Here’s a quick look at the current performance of our Perfectly Clear Web Assembly SDK – which allows processing images in a web browser with all processing taking place on the client’s computer.  Our WASM demo resizes images to fix in a 880 x 600 pixel area.  Once the image is resized, it’s corrected in […]

This FAQ will explain the main factors that affect the performance of Perfectly Clear SDK. Perfectly Clear SDK Performance Data  Processing speed is highly dependent on 3 factors: Image size. Processing time is roughly linear with regards to image size for images over about 3 megapixels: a 10 megapixel image takes roughly half the time […]

This FAQ will describe the processing / hardware requirements in order to process 1 million photos per day using our latest v8 SDK, Assumptions: One million photos per day, steady-state demand, spread evenly over a 24 hour period. That implies 42k photos per hour. Average image size is 10 megapixels. Applying Core (excluding noise removal) […]

Quite a bit! Our latest version is v8.3 and details on that update are here. We’ve been hard at work at our newest major update to our SDK packages, and we’re trilled to provide these to our SDK customers at no additional cost. Here’s what’s new in V8: Dramatic speed improvement: several options and internal […]

Below are the archived docs for the previous version of our SDK. V7 SDK For Windows, Mac, Linux and iOS Download .PDF For Windows .NET Projects Download .PDF For Android Download .PDF If you need docs from V6 or earlier versions, please contact our enterprise help desk.

You can always email our support staff here, but you can also contact your dedicated Enterprise support team with the form below.

What used to be called Color Vibrancy in our V2-based products is now referred to as Color Restore.  This was done to allow us to create a new Color Vibrancy correction – using that familiar name to refer to a more standard “vibrancy” adjustment. In our SDK, the parameters for Color Restore are the same as […]

Short answer: 1024×768 will produce consistent and great images across ALL of the technology : Perfectly Clear corrections, Face Detection, Beautify and Red-eye. Long Answer: It’s possible to use a smaller image size, but the risk is inconsistent results. For example, if you used a really small photo in 1 application, and a larger one […]

In this tutorial you will learn how to create custom presets in order to export to our SDK, WebAPI or Container solutions. The Easy Way The simplest way to get image correction parameters into any of our business solutions is to ‘Export Preset’ to a .preset file.  To do this, select the preset you would […]

Of course! Here’s a step-by-step description of how to export presets from V2, then import them into V3.