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Q: What is the Apps Manager? How do I Launch it?


What is the Apps Manager?

Our apps manager is a new tool that automatically lets you know when updates are available and one click to install. Also, you will find all the  Perfectly Clear products, including our core Plug-ins and preset packs.

apps manager screenshot



How do I launch the Apps Manager?

You should be automatically prompted to update when you run our products. You can also check for updates manually by clicking Open Apps Manager button in the lower right corner.


NOTE: If you own an older version then…

  1. Quit Perfectly Clear, or any applications that have it loaded as a plugin.
  2. Locate the Apps Manager on your computer.  It’s located in the Athentech folder in your Applications folder or your Windows Start Menu.
  3. Launch the Apps Manager. It will check for updates for you.
  4. If an update is ready, click the blue Update button to install it.






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