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Q: Where are the Photoshop Plug-in files installed to?


When you install our Perfectly Clear Plug-in for Photoshop on a Mac, it will put a “PerfectlyClear.plugin” file in the following location:
/Applications/Athentech/PerfectlyClear Plug-in for Photoshop


That same file should also be installed into the correct Photoshop Plug-ins folder, as shown here:


f that file is not there, or if it is there but the plugin fails to properly run, then perhaps Photoshop was installed in a different location of was configured to look for plugins in a different folder.  Verify this by opening the “Adobe Photoshop CS6 Paths” which is found at “~/Library/Preferences” in a Text Editor to see if the paths shown in that file differ from the second image shown above.

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