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Q: How do I crop?


Once files are open, you also can crop them as needed. Cropping changes the shape of an image or which pixels are visible.

  1. To start cropping, click the Crop button.  An overlay appears over the image.
  2. You can drag the corner of the Cropping Overlay to remove parts of the image.  The cropping box can also be dragged into a new position.
  3. If you need to crop to a specific aspect ratio, click the Aspect Ratio preset list.  You can choose from a wide range of popular sizes in the list.  If you need a custom size, choose Custom and enter the ratio for width and height.
  4. You can rotate the image in 90° increments using the first button below the aspect ratio selection. The next two buttons allow you to flip the image horizontally or vertically.
  5. Please note, cropping is per image.  You cannot sync cropping to a group of images or store it with a preset.
  6. You can switch between four different composition guides while cropping with the buttons at the bottom of the crop tool.  The first is a grid to help check for alignment.  The second is the rule of thirds and the third is the golden ratio which help with positioning a subject.  The fourth is the Golden Spiral which is useful when cropping.  You can find many useful articles about the artistic decisions when cropping available online.

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