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Q: How do I install the Photoshop Plug-in into PaintShop Pro?


Our Photoshop Plug-in also support Corel PaintShop Pro, versions X5 and later.  To install our plug-in into PaintShop, you need to copy the plug-in file to the PSP plugins folder.

Run the Perfectly Clear PhotoShop Plug-in installer, Click the ‘Browse’ button shown below, and select the folder shown:2015-05-05_1236

The exact folder name will be different for different versions of PSP (X5 or X6, etc).

Be certain to select the “EN” folder under “PlugIns”, or the language that is appropriate for you.

Check the box next to the custom installation path, then click Next, then Finish.
(Note: you may have to click the top check-box also to proceed through the installation process)

2) After you have already installed our plugin

Once installed, you can access the Plug-in from the Edit tab in PSP:2015-05-05_1237

If you need any additional information on how to use Perfectly Clear from Paintshop Pro, all you need to do is contact Corel and they will provide you with the information you’re looking for.

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