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Q: How do I use Visual Presets?


Visual Presets

To switch the presets browser to visual presets is easy! Here’s how:

  1. Make sure the Presets/LOOKs is open (if closed click the triangle at the left edge of the screen.
  2. Open up the Preset Browser to see all of the presets.
  3. Click the Browse Presets Visually button.
  4. Click the disclosure triangle next to a group to view the presets within.
  5. Scroll through multiple groups to browse presets.
  6. To try a preset out, click its thumbnail. Choosing a new preset will change all develop settings except for cropping.
  7. Use the Strength slider to refine the look of a preset.  Drag to the right to increase the strength and to the left to decrease.



Here’s a great tutorial for easy steps! 

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