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Q: Using Perfectly Clear with Aperture


It is now possible to use Perfectly Clear with Apple’s Aperture. First, you will need to change your preferences. Let’s get started! 


  1. Choose Aperture > Preferences
  2. Click Export Tab
  3. In the External Photo Editor section, click Choose.
  4. Navigate to Applications > Athentech > PerfectlyClearComplete LR.
  5. Highlight the application and click Select.
  6. Choose a File Format such as TIFF (16-bit) and a color space (SRGB is best)
  7. Close your Preferences dialog.

To Use

  1. Highlight a photo in your library.
  2. Choose Photos > Edit with PerfectlyClearComplete LR  or press Shift+Command+O.
  3. Make any edits in Perfectly Clear and click Save and the image is returned to Aperture.

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