Inside Look at the New Features of Perfectly Clear v3: Powerful Landscape Corrections

Great landscape photography doesn’t just show you places, it takes you places. That’s why we added new powerful landscape corrections in Perfectly Clear v3 that will reveal the beauty you see in front and behind the lens.


Powerful Landscape Corrections

Check out the 5 corrections you’ll be using in v3 to create lively landscapes that pop with even less effort.

  1. Image Ambulance

To rescue an image that’s really over or underexposed, you’re going to turn to Image Ambulance.  This optional exposure recovery tool is great for fixing these troublesome images. You can use this to recover or add up to five stops of light. This adjustment is particularly useful for small adjustments or dealing with JPEG or TIFF files.


  1. Sky Enhancer

We all want to capture the brilliance of the sky – at any hour. Sunrise or sunset, clear blue skies or rolling clouds, the Sky Enhancer tool will help bring out the ideal conditions you intended to capture.


Miss the magic hour? No problem! Our new sunset adjustment tool has got you covered! In total there are 4 options for you to choose from.


  1. Foliage Enhancer

More often than not, the camera doesn’t capture the vibrant greens that can be seen with the naked eye. To help combat this recurring issue, you can select our green boost in the foliage enhancer to help unearth the vibrancy of nature.


Or try our brown boost to warm the image and emphasize the warmer greens and browns (original on left, Perfectly Clear on right):


  1. Color Vibrancy

You asked for a simple slider to add in more Color Vibrancy, which is often needed when editing landscape images. So we took our Color Restoration tool, and amped up the correction features by adding Color Vibrancy to allow you to bring out the brightest hues in all your photos.


  1. Black Point

Black Point has always been a part of Perfectly Clear, operating behind the scenes. But in v3, we’ve revealed it so you’ll now have complete control to adjust…  Black Point works in conjunction with Perfect Exposure and allows you to change the range of pixels for which our exposure will apply.


“When processing images from a game, I start with Perfectly Clear to adjust exposure, make colors more vibrant, and add that extra little punch images need to look their best.  The players gave it their all on the field, I want to get the images to them as fast as possible” -Robert Vanelli




Do you shoot portraits? Then you’re going to love our next post…”Control Detail Portraits”. Stay tuned!