Inside Look at the New Features of Perfectly Clear v3: Powerful Time Saving Presets

From the beginning, our mission has been to save you time. We want you to spend less time editing and more time behind the camera, doing what matters to you most. So that’s why we collaborated with some of the best photographers in the industry to create our 56 new presets. Here’s how they can help your next project:


Powerful Time Saving Presets

Benefit: Effortlessly create the perfect look with consistent, high-quality editing presets.


In v3, we feature a new Preset Manager that allows you to easily modify the built-in presets to achieve the exact look you want. You can also create custom groups for quick access to your favorites or frequently used.


Let’s walk through each preset group and how they’ll impact your workflow:


Perfectly Clear Essentials

These are called your essentials for a reason. These 8 presets will be your core tools. Starting with Intelligent Auto, which we made even more intuitive, this preset works great on all types of images, from indoor to outdoor, people to landscape and everything else in between. Play around with Vivid for more pop, or Fix Dark for noise and dark photos.


Perfect Color

The next eight presets are designed to bring out life and color in your images. Featuring a special option for newborns,  along with another that quickly removes pesky tint with little effort.


Perfect Details

This group is perfect for removing noise and delivering sharp, crisp images at any time of day and in any lighting… 


Perfect Exposure

Quickly achieve natural colors and zero distortion in your images.


  1. v) Perfect Eyes

Everybody wants to look a bit more rested, and our eye technology gives you that natural look by automatically remove dark eyes, sharpening and brightening the eyes, and even adding catchlight.  From a robust Intelligent Auto to raccoon eyes to morning coffee, we have you covered.


Perfect Skin

The key to Perfect Skin is to enhance your subject while keeping their look true to who they are.  Our 16 presets produce realistic skin enhancements for women and men, including skin smoothing and makeup as well as teeth whitening.




“Perfectly Clear hands down, blows other portrait retouching software out of the water.  The fact that you can batch process intelligent portrait retouching on multiple people of different ages, ethnicities, and genders is one of my favourite applications for this incredible software”. – Kristina Sherk