Perfect Lifestyle: What You Need to Know

screenshot of perfectly clear

At its core, Perfectly Clear is an automatic photo editing software. We also added some Preset groups to make your workflow even easier. In our V 3.9 Update, we reorganized the groups to better suit our users.

Perfect Lifestyle was designed for when you’re out and about— vacation, parties, events— and for when you’re concerned about capturing the perfect purples.

Picture Postcard

Picture Postcard is perfect for landscapes— they’ll look like they belong on a postcard! Bring out the rich colors, vibrant skies, and a hint of digital film. We recommend using the strength slider to adjust the intensity.

Vacation Photos

One of the best parts about going on vacation is looking at all of your travel photos and reminiscing about all the great memories you had on your trip. Our Vacation Photos Preset will bring your imagery back to life! This Preset focuses on rich color and strong details while gently enhancing any people in the photo.

City at Night & Night

City at Night is pretty self explanatory! This Preset takes your nighttime cityscapes and brightens them back up. Remove noise, fix exposure from low light, and add rich color to your nighttime shots. Night will gently lift the exposure and restore the depth and contrast of a nighttime scene.

Great Performance & Live Event

Both Great Performance and Live Event were created for events like concerts and shows. Great Performance is will give you great exposure and color while removing unwanted noise like in the picture below. Live Event is perfect for fixing exposure while honing in on the detail.


Whether you specialize in newborn photography or have a new baby in your life you want to photograph, Newborn is the perfect Preset for you. Gently soften the color in an image to make it softer and pleasing.

Noise Buster

Goodbye, noise! Remove noise and sharpen the image so you don’t lose the details.

Perfect Purple

Photographing purple? Make sure that the purples on your photo are rich and true with Perfect Purple.

Party Photos

If you’re taking photos in low light at a club or a party, Party Photos is a great Preset. Say goodbye to shiny skin and redeye and hello to perfect exposure.

About Perfectly Clear

Perfectly Clear works as either a plug-in to Photoshop, Lightroom, Photoshop Elements, PaintShop Pro, or can work as a standalone product. All you need to do is upload your photos, and Perfectly Clear will automatically edit them! Then, you can use the Presets and LOOKs like the ones mentioned above to take your photo to the next level.