Perfect Portraiture – What You Need to Know

When you use Perfectly Clear, you’ll see that there are some preloaded presets that you can use on your images. One of the categories happens to be Perfect Portraiture. These presets were created with our Beautify technology to give you the perfect amount of retouching for any image!

The beauty of our Perfect Portraiture presets is that they vary in the amount of retouching. There are presets that have been created for people of all ages and genders! The best part? Our Beautify technology is created to be natural and not noticeable.

Here’s what you need to know about this group of presets.

Perfect Portraiture Presets Explained

Clear Skin

Clear Skin naturally reduces acne or blemishes while still leaving natural pores.

Healthy Glow

This preset adds a healthy glow to create a fresh look for your portrait. This option also impacts the lighting of your photo.

Strong Glow

Similarly to Healthy Glow, this is a great preset to create a fresh look for your portrait. Reduce blemishes and shine while adding depth, detail, and color. This option also impacts the lighting of your photo.

Pore Softening

Pore Softening reduces the intensity of pores to produce ultra-smooth skin. We recommend using the Strength Slider or the individual control adjustments to refine the effect.

Light Powder

Light Power gently reduces blemishes and shine on all skin types.

Sheer Coverage

Sheer Coverage applies gentle coverage to blemishes and shine while smoothing skin.

Full Coverage

Need more than just Sheer Coverage? Full Coverage takes a stronger approach when Sheer Coverage isn’t enough.

High School Portrait Male

Male High School Portraits adds details, brightens teeth, and reduces blemishes and shine. It’s ideal for fixing photos shot under portrait or reduced lighting.

High School Portrait Female

This preset adds details, brightens teeth, and reduces blemishes and shine. It adds a tiny bit of blush, too!


The Teenagers preset reduces shine and blemishes while gently softening the light with diffusion. This is ideal for younger skin, especially shot under natural light.

High Fashion

High Fashion showcases enhancements preferred by top fashion photographers. High Fashion contours faces and reduces blemishes and shine. It also provides a gentle light diffusion and additional depth to help showcase the subject.

The Works

The Works uses our Beautify corrections with higher values to make the strongest adjustments to the skin and face. The Works lets you adjust details using the sliders found in the Adjust tab to tweak it to your liking.

Supermodel Skin

Supermodel Skin adjusts skin so it looks fresh and flawless. This adjustment also applies a gentle diffusion to the lighting of your portrait.

Middle Age

Middle Age removes blemishes and shine while brightening the smile. Plus, you’ll get great color and depth! This preset is idea for hiding signs of aging.

Rugged Skin

Rugged Skin brings natural details to a man’s face by applying gentle improvements. Rugged Skin also sharpens details in eyebrows and beards to make hair look thicker and rugged.

Natural Catchlight

Natural Catchlight applies a soft, natural light that is diffused to the subject. Natural Catchlight also applies a general eye enhancement and a reflected catchlight in the eyes.