Perfectly Clear Essentials— Explained

Perfectly Clear Essentials

When you purchase Perfectly Clear, you don’t just get incredible photo editing software. We understand that each photo has different needs, so we designed our Preset Groups. Within Perfectly Clear, we have groups of Presets that we created for every kind of photograph possible. In our V 3.9 Update, we reorganized the groups to better suit our users.

You’ll start your editing process with Perfectly Clear Essentials. This group has everything you need to start out and includes all of your most important one-touch Presets. Let’s break it down:

iAuto 2019 & iAuto Classic

One of our biggest updates in V 3.9 was the improvement to our iAuto Preset. You still have the iAuto Preset you know and love in iAuto Classic, but iAuto 2019 makes your photos brighter, more vibrant, and with more depth and pop than ever before. Check our the difference between iAuto Classic (left) and iAuto 2019 (right) below:

The Outdoors

Have a landscape photo? The Outdoors will give you a bright, high contrast, high saturation look to your photos. It automatically boosts skies and foliage, too! You can vividly see the difference in the example below:

Beautify & Beautify+

If you’re a portrait photographer, these two Presets will be your best friend. Both of these Presets automatically scans each face in the photo and determines just how much of each of the Portrait and Eyes corrections to apply to each face. Beautify is more subtle while Beautify+ applies more corrections. Check out before versus after applying Beautify+ below:


The name “Vivid” speaks for itself. This is very similar to our iAuto, but there’s a bit more depth and pop.

Fix Noise

The Noise setting automatically detects noise in your photo. Then, it uses a powerful noise removal tool to get rid of the grain. Don’t worry, it won’t get rid of the details!

Fix Tint

If your photo has an abnormal tint such as yellow, green, or blue, this setting is perfect for you. Abnormal tint can happen when your camera picks up excess green from fluorescent lights or red from the infrared heat of a person in the image, so it’s quite common! See how Fix Tint got rid of the abnormal blue below: