Perfectly Clear V 3.9 | Brighter, More Color Vibrant With More Wow

Perfectly Clear is all about being the most robust automatic color correction available.  Regardless of the type of photo you throw at us, we strive to always make it better, which is why we’re the trusted source for image quality used by the largest printers, newspapers, and cell phone manufacturers around the world. As we analyze data from our customers and process over 35 million photos everyday, we’re continually innovating. We are pleased to deliver our best solution yet. 

To update to the newest version, just follow a couple of easy steps!

  1. Look in the bottom right-hand corner of Perfectly Clear for the AppsManager button. 
  2. AppsManager tells you all the updates you have available. Start by clicking the blue “update” button. 
  3. Follow the prompts to download, then launch!

iAuto 2019

 Brighter, more color vibrant, with more depth and pop than ever before.


Check out the results. On the sliders, our iAuto Classic is on the left. On the right, swipe to see our new and improved iAuto 2019.

All you need to do is… nothing.  When you load images into Perfectly Clear, they will automatically be corrected by our new iAuto.  You’ll find it here. We’ll handle everything else behind the scenes.  

Indoor, outdoor, people, landscape, weddings, selfies, parties— our real intelligence just works.

And the best thing?  This new update and innovation is free.

Check it out for yourself by downloading our latest version.

What Else Is New?

A. New Preset Groupings

We value your creativity and understand the importance of putting your personal touch on your photos. This is why we provide you with further presets to play with; each is optimized for various scenes and are more aggressive than our iAuto 2019. We’ve re-organized the preset groupings in 5 groups:

1.Perfect Clear Essentials – This contains all your most important 1 touch presets for all scenes.  Need to remove noise or abnormal tint? No problem. “The Outdoors” is perfect for bringing out the vibrant color in the great outdoors (this is new and more vibrant than before), Beautify/Beautify+ for portrait shots, and our older iAuto is in this group called iAuto Classic.

Perfectly Clear Essentials – The Outdoors

2. Perfect Lifestyle – This is for when you’re out and about— vacation, parties, events— and for when you’re concerned about capturing the perfect purples.

Perfect Lifestyle – Newborn

3. Perfect Portraiture – We’ve combined our Perfect Eyes and Perfect Skin groups together in our Portraiture Pack.

Perfect Portraiture – Strong Glow

4. The Great Outdoors – With Sky and Foliage Enhancement, Automatic Magic Hour and more, the outdoors have never looked so good. 

Great Outdoors – Magic Hour

5. Perfect Exposure – to overcome the single aperture problem of cameras, these exposure presets will help you get the exposure just right

Perfect Exposure – Soft Color

And as always, you can create your own custom preset.

B. Improvements to Our UI/UX

Our new Visual Dropdowns make it easier to see the options to tweak our corrections.

C.  Several Other Usability and Bug Fixes to Make Your Life More Efficient