Say Goodbye to the Stand-Alone Lightroom

We’re sure you have heard by now that Adobe has just released its final stand-alone version of Lightroom. After this release, any updates and upgrades will have to be made on its subscription.

So, What Does This Mean?

For starters, it means you will no longer be able to update Lightroom as a stand-alone application. You may continue to purchase this last  Version 6.4, but there will be no bug fixes or upgrades. In the future, it may not work with the newest RAW files and cameras. If you are interested in those, you will have to go on their Creative Cloud Photography plan

If you go on the new Lightroom CC, you will no longer be able to use third-party tools. Unfortunately, plug-ins like Perfectly Clear will not be allowed. At a high price of $10 a month per terabyte,  the cost will add up fast. But the price of Perfectly Clear? Get the complete version for $129 and own it forever.

You can read more about using Adobe products to figure out what’s right for you here.

There Is Still No Subscription for Perfectly Clear

As always, there is still no subscription for Perfectly Clear. Once you have our software, you own it forever. Don’t worry about monthly fees! We fix the bugs along the way, then once we release a new version, we offer it to our loyal users at a discounted price. Adobe’s stand-alone may not have any updates, but Perfectly Clear always will. They’re a perfect match!

Version 3.5 is a Stand-Alone Application

Previous versions of Perfectly Clear have been plug-ins, but now we offer it as a stand-alone application. With automatic corrections and creative tools at your fingertips, you don’t even have to open another program to do your editing. Plus, it opens up RAW files!

Looking to try Perfectly Clear before you buy? Take a 21-day test drive!