The Evolution of our iOS app

How Perfectly Clear for iOS graduated to LUCiD

Six years and several awards after introducing Perfectly Clear for iPhone and iPad, our team took a close look at our new mobile product and realized we’d created something far beyond a standard upgrade of our original iOS.


IMG_0212rz IMG_0215rz

Because our new iOS app is the result of a complete renovation from the ground up, we decided it deserved its own name and a fresh start. In naming our new creation, we wanted a word that would capture the essence of the “bright”, “light”, “luminous” images it produces. And that’s how LUCiD for iOS was born. Here’s what it means for you.


We spent 18 months developing LUCiD for iOS, creating a faster, more accurate app, with an entirely new look and a very powerful engine under the hood. (Over 300 patents, actually.)

It’s not only been optimized for iOS9, LUCiD for iOS also contains even more corrections with smarter, more accurate enhancements. The prior Beautify enhancements are now even smarter, automatically detecting gender, age, and facial features to apply just the right amount.



That means, if you have two people in a photo – no problem. LUCiD automatically applies unique and different amounts of corrections to each person.

With LUCiD for iOS, you get numerous automatic corrections and powerful workflow additions you won’t find on our original iOS app, including Crop, Rotate, Zoom, and 6 new Beautify corrections: Blemish Removal, Face Contouring, Dark Circle Removal, Shine Removal, Catch Light and Automatic Red-Eye Removal. Plus, it features significantly faster processing and a new noise engine.


We realize that you might be upset this is not a free upgrade. The decision to create LUCiD came from our goal of also offering you the best technology possible. Though our physicists, mathematicians, engineers, and developers work hard at making their work appear effortless, the truth is, creating a new app takes a lot of time and significant financial investment (not to mention an ridiculous amount of Java just to power through the incredibly long hours!)

In the end, though, we decided to offer LUCiD at the same low price as our App for Android—just $2.99. Considering that buys you a lifetime of perfect pictures, we believe it’s an excellent value. And, of course, your purchase is much-appreciated support that goes toward R&D for enhancements, upgrades and innovations we have planned in the future.

We also want to assure you that you can continue to use the old iOS app. There just will be no more development or support. So purchase is optional, but we think once you’ve had a chance to try Lucid on your own iPhone or iPad, you’ll appreciate the improvements from the very first photo you correct.



If you like LUCiD on your mobile, be sure to try LUCiD standalone software for MAC OX and Windows.

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