Reduce the Skin Shine With Perfectly Clear Complete

portrait of woman before and after perfectly clear

This is a guest post from professional photographer Bryan Esler.

If you’re shooting portraits with on- or off-camera lighting, you’re bound to get some photographs where the subject’s face is just too bright. Luckily, this can be easily solved with Perfectly Clear.

There are a few things you can do in the program. Upon opening a photo, Perfectly Clear analyzes your photograph and applies some adjustments to it. This usually does a great job in terms of fixing things like exposure, color, tint and more.

From there, I always turn on Light Diffusion. This does two things. One, it helps reduce the shine on the subject’s face. Secondly, it evens out the lighting throughout the scene, making for a more appealing photograph.

From there, I go down to Perfectly Clear’s Skin panel. Here, you’ll see a slider for Shine Removal. Turn this on and slide it to the right. You’ll immediately see a difference in your photograph. What’s great about Perfectly Clear is it’s only affecting the subject’s skin, as it automatically recognizes faces (Note: if your subject’s face isn’t recognized, expand the Face Selection panel and click on Manually Add Face).

I usually don’t slide the Shine Removal slider all the way to 100, but depending on the photograph I go as high as 80 with my subject’s face still looking realistic and not over processed.

You can clearly see the difference that just a few clicks made to not only my subject’s face, but to the photograph. It has more depth, better color and most importantly, that shine is gone. Here’s a quick before and after:

Before Shine Removal
After Shine Removal

Click fixes

Perfectly Clear Complete is really a “Click” fix solution. I used a few clicks in Perfectly Clear Complete’s Lightroom plug-in and saved a lot of time I’d normally have to spend retouching in Photoshop. In this case, I finished the image for delivery to my client in no time at all.

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