Athentech Imaging Inc. Announces Two New Products Aimed at Photographers Who Want Better Pictures of People.

Building on its reputation as the image correction technology of choice for professionals, Athentech® Imaging Inc. (makers of Perfectly Clear) introduces two new products aimed at photographers who want better pictures of people.


Perfect Eyes allows any photographer, regardless of skill level, to perfectly retouch eyes on any subject. It’s designed to quickly and easily correct blemishes and bags under a subject’s eyes. With no need for manual selecting or mask creating, Perfect Eyes enables any photographer to achieve professional results with the click of a mouse.

Photographers can add beautiful catchlights to dull eyes and gently open eyes (in post) that are squinting or look tired.


Perfect Skin uses facial detection to speed image improvements allowing for three methods to smooth the skin of any person in any portrait. Photographers can choose from the “Default” option for a realistic look; “Super Smooth” for even smoother skin; or use “Subtle” to create a very gentle correction. Additionally, the Perfectly Smooth corrections can be applied to the entire body or just the face.

Perfect Skin not only removes blemishes and shine, it also quickly corrects a variety of skin tones, offering easy-to-use blush controls to warm a subject’s cheeks. There’s even lip sharpening for highlighting the lips and teeth whitening for brighter smiles, and Skin Tone, which lets you add foundation or a tan to paling skin.

All major adjustments can be applied to taste offering photographers the choice to take something and make it look realistic or like a dramatic glamour shot.

“Although there are tools on the market for portrait photographers, we were asked to create easy to use products that deliver natural results that still look like you. I’m very pleased with the results made possible by our unique technology,” said Brad Malcolm, President of Athentech® Imaging Inc. “I also want to send out a special thanks to the top pros who worked with us during development to create easy-to use-products that produce naturally beautiful skin and eyes.”


These tools have been designed with input with some of the most recognized and accomplished photographers in the world. Matthew Jordan Smith, Kevin Ames, Kristina Sherk and other professional visual communicators worked hand-in-hand with the engineers who built these products to make sure that the presets all offered a high-quality starting point for any photographer. Beginners can trust that the presets work well as is and more advanced image makers can tweak them to offer results tailored to their individual styles.


Both products are available now. A free 30-day trial is also available. For more information, visit or Review copies for media are also available.

About Athentech® Imaging Inc.

Athentech® Imaging Inc. is an entrepreneurial, privately held company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The company is involved in three industries and markets: digital imaging, signal processing (for medical applications), and earth sciences. Athentech’s Perfectly Clear technology brings more than 15 years of science and numerous patents to its professional and consumer offerings. Perfect Skin and Perfect Eyes also take advantage of unique technologies from our partners at FotoNation. For more information, please visit

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