How to remove tints in underwater photography

Summer vacation comes with a lot of opportunities for underwater photography. The warm water is great and images of tropical fish are so exotic and colorful.

Even the clearest water will create a color cast on everything we photograph underwater. Removing this is fairly difficult in Lightroom or Photoshop. Perfectly Clear has the best solution for underwater photography. It lets you remove the color cast and lack of detail with one click.

After opening your image Jpeg or Raw in Photoshop or Lightroom, select the Perfectly Clear filter.

Within Perfectly Clear Select use the drop-down Presets>System Presets>Tint Removal.

This will automatically find the right tint correction in both color and strength. It’s as easy as that. The other corrections are as needed for the image will be applied.

Sometimes you may want more depth or contrast. Increasing the Vibrancy applied to the image for more depth and contrast separation will add just what it needs. Add Fidelity with the Vivid drop-down for a little extra color kick.