Eradicate Annoying Color Casts with New Tint Controls

Sometimes when making a photograph, your camera will become confused and capture photos with a subtle (or even a strong) tint.  This occurs in situations where the sensors of the camera have inappropriately picked up and reflected in the image excess green from fluorescent lights, excess red from the infrared heat of a person in the image, excess blue from ultraviolet, or excess yellow from tungsten lights.

The end result is an image that just looks “off.”  Perfectly Clear’s tint correction is a quick and easy way to remove color casts, rather than you having to analyze and do it yourself.

Fixing Tint

You’ll find Tint Correction in our Color controls.  It’s also a part of several presets.  When you turn the adjustment on, the image is analyzed for Tint. Perfectly Clear will tell you that either Tint Has Been Detected or that  No Tint Detected. If you feel the image has tint, using the Method pop-up list may allow you to force tint correction by choosing a stronger setting.

These four options are available:

  • Minimum — Our gentlest setting that’s very subtle
  • Default — Our default tint method for fixing most images.  A good balance of strength and sensitivity.
  • Stronger — This method is a good choice when you want to be more aggressive.
  • Maximum — This method is very strong and can often be used to force tint correction.

Once applied, you can use the Tint Correction slider to control the amount of correction.  Be sure to toggle the adjustment on and off the judge its effect or use the side-by-side comparison view.

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