Hey LUCiD Owners, It’s Time to Upgrade

A few years ago we launched LUCiD as a way to give more photographers access to Perfectly Clear technology.  The goal was to keep things affordable and make the software easy to use. While many photographers tried out LUCiD, we decided it made sense to make a slight turn in the road.

The new standalone versions of Perfectly Clear now replace LUCiD.  We will no longer sell LUCiD, and we invite existing customers to upgrade for incredible new features and options at a special price.  Choose from

  • Perfectly Clear Complete: A powerful tool with all of our adjustments (including the Beautify portrait commands) and time-saving batch processing. 
  • Perfectly Clear Essentials: Our essential toolset for fixing color and exposure.  Unlock new options with preset packs. 

More Presets

While LUCiD included eight useful presets, you’ll find a ton more.  Perfectly Clear Complete includes 75 great presets including ones for color, eyes, skin, details, and exposure as well as specialty sets for Lifestyle and Outdoor photography. Perfectly Clear Essentials offers 47 presets to save you time and make your photos look great – often in one click.

Visual Presets

Want results fast?  Our new visual presets lets you browse better images visually.  Just click a thumbnail to see the preset applied.  Plus you can use the Strength slider to quickly boost or fade the adjustment for just the right amount.

Creative LOOKs

LOOKs are an easy option to use.  Perfectly Clear’s LOOKs’ technology is powered by lookup tables.  A lookup table remaps the color an image based on a color profile. They’re great for film looks, black and white conversions, and creative color grading. 

Browsing LOOKs visually makes them much easier to use. The LOOKs browser makes it easy to see all of the LOOKs you have installed. We include 42 LOOKs with both Complete and Essentials,   Want more LOOKs or presets, then check out these collections.

Open Raw Files

The new standalone application lets you work directly with most raw files. For the ultimate in photographic control and dynamic range, photographers have shot RAW files for many years.  These native camera formats are superior to JPEG files in many ways including less compression, more color information, and a wider dynamic range.  Often a crushed shadow or a clipped highlight (such as clouds) can be recovered.

Once you open one or more RAW files, you’ll find several useful adjustments.  These are focussed on three primary tasks: fixing tone, fixing white balance, and removing lens imperfections.

Be sure to upgrade to Perfectly Clear for the best desktop editing experience!