Unlock Creative Images with LOOKs

We built an amazing tool into Perfectly Clear and we’d like you to take a look… at LOOKs! If you’ve wanted to add creative stylizing to your images in Perfectly Clear it’s never been easier. LOOKs are unique to Perfectly Clear and they are world’s better than presets in other apps.

What Makes a LOOK?

At the heart of each LOOK is a bit of science. Each LOOK contains a lookup table or LUT. These allow you to remap the colors in your image precisely each and every time. LOOKs are great for simulating film stocks, creating dramatic color styles, or converting to black and white images.

How to Use a LOOK

LOOKs are incredibly easy to use. They work with nearly any photo.

  1. Open a photo and apply Perfectly Clear.
  2. Choose a preset that matches your photos need or enhance your image with our other tools.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the Adjustments panel.
  4. Click the Group menu to choose the desired category.
  5. Click the LOOK menu to select your style.
  6. Adjust the Strength slider to taste. You can adjust a LOOK from 0–200 depending on how strong of a style you want.
  7. When finished click the Apply button.

Expert Tips

Now that you know about LOOKs, here are some expert tips.

Same LOOK, different strength means more options for creativity.

Test Your Strength

Each LOOK can be used to get very different effects. Be sure to try out the Strength slider just below the LOOKs chooser. Sometimes a low value works well for subtle effects, sometimes a higher value looks great too.

Roll the Dice

Don’t be afraid to try out different effects. LOOKs are organized into categories to help you choose them, but each is very different. You may find yourself using a few all the time as your favorites, but be sure to explore your whole collection.

Tweak the Preprocessing Controls

If you want to push the image a bit, the Preprocessing controls are quite useful. Explore both Image Ambulance as well as Corrective Filters. These let you change the original tone and colors of the photo. These tweaks are most useful when making a black and white conversion or to create stylized color.

Add to Presets

Any LOOK can be saved with a custom preset. If you want to save time or you have a favorite combination, just make your own custom preset. To learn more about presets watch this movie.

Get More

While we’ve bundled several great LOOKs in for free with Perfectly Clear Complete and Perfectly Clear Essentials, we have a great deal more in our Add-Ons area. Be sure to check out

To learn more about installing LOOKs click here.

To see some of our LOOKS click here.