Introducing AI Scene Detection

Perfectly Clear’s automatic intelligence is more intelligent than ever with part 1 of 3 upcoming AI releases

sunset iAuto
sunset AI SD
sunset iAutosunset AI SD

Two Key Benefits From AI Scene Detection:

  1. Image intelligence - By knowing the lighting conditions and scenes in a photo, you can do more with the image, independent of our correction algorithms
  2. Wider range and more robust corrections – By understanding the lighting conditions and scene, laser-focused corrections can be applied to the photo. This is accomplished through our new AI Scene Detection auto setting that has the capability to apply different correction parameters via different presets to the photo.
As you can see here, the image on the left was enhanced using iAuto. The image on the right was enhanced using our Sunset Preset for more vivid colors.

“When you have an image with a baby in it, you don’t want a vibrant correction but rather you want a soft touch applied. So AI Scene Detection will do just that. The opposite would be true with something like a sunset, where you want to push the vibrancy. With AI Scene Detection, we can push the color to bring out the vividness in the scene which cameras have a tough time capturing. It really is a game-changer in terms of accurately assessing what’s in the photo and applying the best and most appropriate correction.”

decision tree

Scenes & Custom Scenes

EyeQ’s engineering team took the time and care to choose 12 scenes and lighting conditions that showed improvement with a different preset than the existing iAuto 2021 feature. Other scenes not included were proven to look best with the current iAuto 2021 parameters. There is also an option for EyeQ to build in custom scenes for a customer’s specific business and needs if that is required. 

Learn More About Custom Scenes
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Accuracy & Speed

AI Scene Detection is quick and requires no exotic hardware. The processing time is < 1/10th second and  it runs on CPU.

During initial testing, we calculated an accuracy rate of 96%. Presets are applied on a tiered system (see image above) to ensure the least harmful preset will be chosen in an event where the scene could be classified as more than one category. 

Learn More About Accuracy


What if More Than One Scene Is Detected In My Photo?

AI Scene Detection will choose whatever correction we have trained it to know is more important. We have created a default tiered system that can also be changed based on your business needs. For example, it is probably more important for a photo of a baby at sunset to receive soft correction on the baby than it is for the photo to receive a vibrant sunset correction. Therefore, the baby correction would kick in rather than the sunset correction. This ensures the most accurate correction. 

I Don’t See a Scene Listed That Is Important to My Business

If we don’t have a scene listed that is important to your business, we can add it for you. We’ll work with you to create an accurate preset and gather about 1,000 photos to train our AI Scene Detection engine. If we have everything we need, it will only take about two weeks to train the engine!

How Do I Update to Perfectly Clear with AI Scene Detection? 

Scene Detection is currently available for testing through Workbench. For SDK customers, an update will be very easy and will most likely be a drop in for many implementations. Please contact your personal sales associate or email us at QuickDesk and QuickServer customers will be able to update through AppsManager.

Is AI Scene Detection Available Now?

Currently, you can test AI Scene Detection through Workbench. If you have Workbench installed, just update it through AppsManager and get testing! We plan to roll this new technology out to customers as soon as possible, and we will contact customers directly when the update is officially available.

Compare iAuto 2021 with AI Scene Detection

AI Scene Detection presets are only implemented when Perfectly Clear believes the result will be better than the iAuto preset. See for yourself!


Clipart Detection

AI Scene Detection will skip over any images that aren't meant to be edited such as illustrations, vectors, and clipart.