Geskus Photography Inc.

Every year, Geskus Photography photographs over 900 schools, along with thousands of senior class and youth sport images in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This fall, we will capture and process over 500,000 photos. This massive undertaking is all completed using Perfectly Clear.

Since adopting Perfectly Clear as our image correction tool, we have reduced our workflow time by four days. When our photographers return to the office, they proceed to download the camera card to a school folder. From there, images are critiqued and a Perfectly Clear channel is selected. All images are saved to a working directory and are quickly available for data entry or service item production. Perfectly Clear has allowed us to eliminate steps from our process, including “wet tests” and adjusting color and density variants between photographers.

We run thousands of candid images from our schools, using pro cameras and camera phones. In the past we’ve had to individually correct these types of images manually. Perfectly Clear automatically batch processes these images in just minutes with no user intervention. The results are incredibly precise and beautiful every time. In our past routine of color correction, we would have to individually correct images based on demographics…

On an average school day shoot, about 400 students, this could take approximately 45 minutes. Then we would have to test the job, and “tweak” from there. Now, using our own defined presets, we can process that same job in about 20 minutes, and we do not need to test!

A more difficult task we have is balancing sports shoots that have multiple photographers and locations. From volleyball in the gym to Football on a hot summer day. We have developed a preset based off the “standard “Intelligent” Auto setting. This does a fantastic job of “equalizing ” the faces with in the various locations we shoot. Although we do test certain sports jobs, We find the results very pleasing without additional corrections.

Finally, we’ve seen considerable quality improvements in our senior portraits processed through Perfectly Clear. Adding intelligent image correction features such as perfectly smooth and eye correction, we’re able to produce high-quality proofs that give our customers a sharper viewing experience, which in turn sells more portraits.

The portraits tools have also allowed our team to eliminate the need for additional retouching software as well as additional editing steps in our process. Perfectly Clear is now the only image correction software we need to accurately reduce the labor in our high-volume workflow, while producing beautiful images for our customers.

Written by Bill Strain, Business Development, Geskus Photography

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