Can I use Perfectly Clear Corrections in a front-end editor? Can I integrate into my existing front-end editor?

The short answer is yes— Perfectly Clear corrections can be used in a front- end editor. You may choose to license a front-end editor or create your own to integrate Perfectly Clear technology into.

Off-the-shelf front-end editors do not replace Perfectly Clear. However, we can work together for the best user experience. Let us explain a little more…

Perfectly Clear is patented automatic AI technology that overcomes the way your camera distorts images. Perfectly Clear works instantly and effortlessly, providing the best image quality possible. On the contrary, front-end editors focus on things like filters, stickers, and text. The corrections are not the same as Perfectly Clear, and often damage the photo and leave customers frustrated. If you want to give your users the best experience, combine the two for the best of both worlds!

Depending on your needs, we also recommend a general Perfectly Clear enhancement on all images on the backend. Sometimes, customers won’t take advantage of a front-end editor. If you want to reduce complaints and reprints, we recommend a combination of frontend and backend implementation.

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