Perfectly Clear Web Assembly Performance Data

Here’s a quick look at the current performance of our Perfectly Clear Web Assembly SDK – which allows processing images in a web browser with all processing taking place on the client’s computer. 

Our WASM demo resizes images to fix in a 880 x 600 pixel area.  Once the image is resized, it’s corrected in our WASM library with our iAuto preset – and this takes about 250 milliseconds (on a current MacBook Pro).  Once this is complete, we process 16 thumbnail images which each take about 60 milliseconds.

You can give this a quick test for yourself at our WASM DEMO.

We chose WebAssembly for our client-side implementation because it’s fast!  It’s essentially as fast as native C code – which our SDK and desktop applications use – except that WASM is (for now) single threaded.  This means each photo you process in our WASM SDK will be processed on a single thread.  We’re working on a process to further speed this up, so stay tuned!!


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