What does Skin Tone Accuracy mean?

Skin Tone Accuracy simply means that we optimize the correction based on the skin tones. Cameras are notorious for picking up infrared, so we often see red faces across all types of skin tones. However, this is especially a problem for dark skin tones and has become an issue for camera makers and photo editors alike. To combat this, we created our Skin Tone slider that will automatically kick on when dark skin is detected and Perfectly Clear AI intelligently sees that further correction is needed.

We have added this technology into carefully chosen presets that are selected based on AI Preset Selection:

Universal Preset ModelPro ModelSkin Tone Accuracy
iAuto PeopleiAuto People (Pro)Yes
Portrait (Dark Background)Yes
Portrait (Light Background)Yes
Outdoor PortraitYes
Group PortraitNo
Portrait (White Background)Portrait (White Background)No
People at NightYes

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