Who is QuickServer for?

Perfectly Clear QuickServer is a very high volume automatic correction tool. It operates un-attended, meaning operators do not see the corrections before they are applied to the images.

QuickServer is for labs and photo processors who need the highest level of automation, while still demanding great image quality. QuickServer is typically setup once, then it silently runs on a server, processing perhaps 100,000 per day.

If you’re volume is significantly lower than this, then QuickDesk might be the right tool for you!

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How do trigger files work?

Trigger files control when a QuickServer Channel will begin processing Hot Folder Channels. Hot Folder Channels can either be set to start processing...

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How do I activate QuickServer?

QuickDesk and QuickServer are two parts of the same overall product.  You can purchase only QuickDesk, or you can purchase QuickDesk and QuickServer....

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