Introducing Perfectly Clear QuickServer

Perfectly Clear QuickServer

Your life is about to get easier.

We are proud to announce the evolution of Perfectly Clear LAB, which has been replaced by Perfectly Clear QuickServer.

QuickServer is a hot folder solution that runs on your backend server — tirelessly and automatically correcting thousands of photos. And just like any server, it’s a tool you set up once and forget. QuickServer just sits there and works.

We built this product after listening to your feedback and we built QuickServer with sleek and modern code, and seamless integration with Perfectly Clear QuickDesk. All of this to vastly improve your workflow and efficiency.

Kodak DP2 and ROES Integration

For customers using Kodak DP2 in their workflows, QuickServer can easily be implemented. And if you are interested in using the software in a ROES based workflow, just let us know.

Target Channels

Using QuickServer’s Target Channels feature you can leverage powerful automation to effortlessly and automatically apply image corrections to files — in place! This removes the need to copy images to hotfolders in order to initiate processing. QuickServer can target your images in a folder, or even nested folders, and apply corrections to those images without ever moving a thing.

More Robust

We’ve built in new fail-safe mechanisms to ensure the program continues to run even in the case of rogue or unsupported images.

QuickServer is 30% faster than previous versions

QuickServer has been re-written from the ground up using clean, modern code. The software has been optimized to run 30% faster than the legacy LAB product. This means you can now process an additional 2,500 images per hour, or 20,000 images per 8-hour shift — on the exact same hardware! Learn More…

QuickServer is Cross-Platform (Mac/Win)

To allow for maximum flexibility, QuickServer is now available on both Mac and Windows. This gives you maximum flexibility when integrating the software into any workflow.

New Image Correction Technology

QuickServer is powered by the award-winning Perfectly Clear image-processing technology. You can effortlessly apply powerful image corrections to thousands of images, with very little effort. New image corrections include:

Image Ambulance

If a photo is in really bad shape, then Image Ambulance is the perfect tool to try.  It works great for recovering under and even overexposed images.  The controls look like the Exposure Compensation command on your camera.

Neutral Density

Does your image suffer from color or light that is too intense? We’ve put a digital version of an ND filter in so you can effectively reduce the amount of light entering the lens. This filter is a great refinement when combined with the Image Ambulance adjustment.

Corrective Filters

Corrective Filters allow you to change the original tone and colors of a photo. These tweaks are most useful when making a black and white conversion or to create stylized color.

Sky Enhance

We all love a blue sky. It could be argued that most of the time, it’s the most beautiful part of the photo. What if we told you that you could get stunning blue skies with just the click of a button? You can automatically enhance thousands of skies per hour with Perfectly Clear QuickServer.

Foliage Enhance

The Foliage Enhancer allows you to boost browns and greens in your picture to create a more natural looking and beautiful scene.

Graduated Filters

Using either a linear or a radial gradient, you can now apply selective adjustments to part of your image.  Think of these as gradual adjustments, which make them perfect to enhance skies or add a stylistic vignette.

Creative LOOKs

Creative LOOKs technology make it super easy to apply a variety of stunning effects and immediately see exactly what your image can look like with just one click.

Finishing Tools

Before you save your image, we’ve added precise controls for fine-tuning your Perfectly Clear results. Keep complete control over your photo editing workflow with the adjustment sliders you’re familiar with. You can tweak the color and tone of your photo with precision, including advanced controls for Shadows and Highlights.


QuickDesk comes with QuickServer

As well as being a powerful stand-alone image processing application, Perfectly Clear QuickDesk can act as a front-end interface to QuickServer, to provide the following benefits:

Perfectly Clear QuickServer and QuickDesk were designed to work seamlessly together. Start with QuickDesk as your visual on-boarding tool to immediately preview the results of Perfectly Clear image adjustments — in real-time! You’ll also use QuickDesk to create custom presets, these presets immediately appear within QuickServer.

And the best part is when you purchase QuickServer we’ll waive QuickDesk’s annual $1,495 subscription fee.

  1. Create custom presets
  2. Visual image preview
  3. Allow for manual tweaking and approval on difficult images
  4. Green Screen Support via

Additional new improvements…