Outsourcing Photo Editing

3 Reasons Why You Should Be Outsourcing Photo Editing & What You Need To Know About It

If you’re in an imaging business, you’ve probably considered outsourcing your photo editing. Image correction can be painstaking, time consuming work. Whether you’re a photo lab, a photographer, or need high quality images for your business, outsourcing photo editing may be for you. Here’s why. 

3 Reasons to Start Outsourcing Your Photo Editing

1. It Can Be Surprisingly Cost Effective

There are many options for outsourcing photo editing services. For starters, you can either outsource to a company that employs professional editors, or you can outsource by automating the entire process. 

So, how much does it cost to outsource photo editing? According to our research, outsourcing photo editing to a professional costs anywhere from $1.50 – $5.00 USD for basic corrections. Standard retouching starts at $2.50 USD and goes up from there. Outsourcing your photo editing through automation costs much less. For example, our Perfectly Clear cloud-based API starts at $0.10 USD an image and decreases in cost depending on volume. Enterprise solutions, desktop automatic editing, and other implementations are also available at a potentially lower cost. Automatic retouching is also included in many licensing deals. 

Also take any of the following into account. Do you do any photo editing now? Do you pay someone on your staff to do image correction? Are you currently outsourcing to another company or paying your print lab to do it? All of those costs add up. Automating even part of the process could be a huge cost savings.

2. It’s Quick — Get an Immediate Turnaround

Time is money. If speed is a requirement, automation is your best bet; you can receive an edited image back immediately. An entire job can be completed in seconds! You’ll never have to wait for an edited image again. This can especially come in handy when you’re in a time crunch, have clients expecting a quick turnaround, or need an immediate edit. For example, Candid Color Systems photographs events and uses Perfectly Clear to edit the images and immediately upload them online for purchase. Event attendees want immediate access to graduation photos, finish line pictures, and other special moments. With Perfectly Clear, they’re able to provide edited images immediately. In turn, they sell more photos because they’re available to attendees right away— they sell the most photos within 24 hours of the event. Without Perfectly Clear, they wouldn’t get their edited images in time.

If you choose outsourcing photo editing services done by an editing agency or freelancer, you can expect turnaround times of about 24 – 48 hours. If you need a quicker turnaround time, prices can double or even triple.

3. We Can Guarantee Image Quality 

We can’t speak for other outsourcing photo editing companies, but our image quality can’t be beaten. Our automatic photo editing technology, Perfectly Clear, adds up to 40 corrections to each image. We have more than 20 years of science, experimentation, and innovation in our toolbelt that allows us to continually advance our technology. With the 2021 addition of artificial intelligence, our automatic correction is now smarter than ever. Our promise is that we’ll never damage an image or make it worse— we’ll only improve it. 

Because Perfectly Clear has been created with the perfect balance of artificial intelligence and real science, our correction is very reliable. There’s no human error here, only reliability.

Ready to Start Outsourcing Your Photo Editing?

If you’re ready to start outsourcing your photo editing through automated photo correction, we’re here to help. Contact us today so we can point you in the right direction, or download our Workbench desktop application so you can test out some of your photos and see the results. We’d love to work with you!

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